10 Awesome Life hacks for Your Mobile Phone!

Here are some of the most useful hacks every smartphone user should know to make the use of the phone much more easier than ever!

Scratched Screen?

scratches on phone life hacks

To clean up the scratches on the mobile screen, use a toothpaste. Yes, a toothpaste. All you need to do is apply the toothpaste all over the screen and then clean it with a dry piece of cloth.

You will notice the change. The scratches on your mobile phone’s screen will surely disappear after doing this.



Want To Save Battery for Later?

airplane mode life hacks

To save the battery of mobile phones, most people switch off their phones which is wrong. Switching off and again turning the phone on can actually eat up to 4% of the phone’s battery. Instead of doing this, the phone should be set to airplane mode to which saves more battery than switching it off!




Low Volume of the Speaker? 

tumbler life hacks

If the volume of the speaker of your mobile phone is too low, then it can be increased. All you need to do is find a broad neck vessel. Place the phone with music on in such a vessel, with the speaker facing the ground. This will make the sound echo in the vessel and with a broad neck of the vessel, the sound which will reach to us will be multiplied and hence the volume of the music played will be increased.

A paper cup, jug, coffee mug etc. can be used. Make sure they have broad necks.

Damaged charger cord?

wire protector life hacks

Most of the charger cords are damaged from breaking off of its internal wires by folding it multiple times. This could be avoided. All you need to find is a small spring. A spring from a pen can also help. Place the spring on the ends of the cord upon the wire, this will protect the cord from bending too much and hence protect it from damage.




Have a bright and shiny wallpaper? Remove It!

Wallpapers with too much light and brightness actually eat up more battery. Live wallpapers do it much more. To save battery apply a dark colored or black colored wallpaper instead. This will not only save the battery but will also highlight the details on the screen.

dark wallpaper life hacks

Charge Phone Faster?

low battery life hacks

If you are in a hurry and want to charge your mobile phones faster, then set it on airplane mode. Less battery will be eaten up by the device and faster it will get recharged.






A Phone is Actually the Best Device to Hide Money!

hide your money life hacks

People can forget to carry their wallets but can never forget to carry their phones. Hence hiding money in mobile phones can always help in case of emergency. Hide money in between the space of your mobile phone and the mobile case. Probably the best place to hide money!




Set An Appropriate Lock screen Wallpaper!

Apply a lock screen wallpaper containing your name, mobile number, address and an alternative mobile number on it. These details should be mentioned in case the phone is lost, the details could help in finding the owner quickly without unlocking the phone!

Make Your Phone Water Proof!

phone waterproofing life hacks

Most of the phones are not waterproof. But they can be turned into one. Just place your phone into a transparent poly bag, while carrying it into rains of while any area near water and your phone are protected from water and dust.





Problem Taking Selfies?

earphones life hacks

If you find an angle perfect to take a selfie and are not able to lick the button, then plug in your earphones and click the button present on the cord of the earphone instead. This will click your desirable picture without disturbing the suitable angle!

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