11 Amazing Facts about Amazon You may not know!

Started in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has now become the largest electronic commerce company serving the customers from all over the world. Almost every one of us has bought from Amazon. There are worldwide loyal customers of Amazon. Here are some interesting facts for every Amazon customer, which I bet you didn’t know!

Amazon logo

  • Amazon started from the Garage of Jeff Bezos in Washington!
  • Amazon at the time of its origin was incorporated by the name “Cadabra” after the popular phrase, “Abracadabra”!
  • Jeff Bezoz, named the website as Amazon, inspired by the meaning of the word which meant “exotic and different”!
  • Originally, Amazon sold only books and served as a bookstore because of lack of space and inventory.
  • Amazon has a different concept of teamwork. At Amazon, it is believed that a team should consist a number of members for whom two pizzas are sufficient and they can be fed with it!

weird right?


  • If you buy something from Amazon and if the price of the item drops after your purchase, then you can inform Amazon about it and claim and get for that difference in the price from Amazon.
  • The fastest delivery done by Amazon to a customer in Miami holds the record or just 10 minutes. The product StarbucksFrappuccino.
  • At a point of time,Amazon had too many workers in their warehouse that they decided to start a “pay to quit” campaign to reduce the inefficient workersfrom their warehouse staff.

Amazon Prime

  • Every one out of 10 American customers of Amazon has the prime membership!
  • In the early days of Amazon, a bell hung in the office of Amazon, which rang every time a sale was done.
  • There is a skeleton of a real ice age cave bear hanging in the headquarters of the company at Seattle.

Shoched? Aren’t you?

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