5 Interesting facts about Human Body

Our body, which we carry, maintains and deal with every single moment. Still, there are some amazing facts about our bodies which we never wondered. Here are those:


1.       Wrinkled Fingers?


Wonder why our finger tips got wrinkled if kept under water for a long time. Most of us have its answer, because of osmosis i.e. the transfer of water from higher concentration to lower concentration. Right? But this isn’t actually the correct answer. Our fingers get wrinkled underwater water because our brain commands to do so. And the brain does so, so as to make a finer grip of our finger to make it easier to grab things underwater. Does that mean we’ve also got mermaid fingers!


2.       Ever heard about tongue print?


Yes, just like we have finger prints which are distinct of every individual present on earth. So does we have our tongue print. Every individual has a distinct tongue prints on this planet despite the huge population present. Shocked?


3.       Learning


Whenever a human brain learns something new, its structure changes. Yes, it does! Wonder how many times does it changes in a child’s brain!! Up to learn something?


4.       Nose specialty

Did anytime you got shocked because of a smell that you have smelled earlier? It happens because an average human nose has the power to remember 50,000 different smells. Didn’t Knew our nose has such a strong memory


5.       Headache?


Whenever we have a headache it is actually not in the brain, because surprisingly the brain does not have any pain receptors. The pain occurs in the muscles and nerves. So next time doesn’t blame your brain for the ache!

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