5 International Celebrities, Celebrating Indian Festivals

India is such a diverse country of the with countless rituals, festivals, and traditions. This diversity of the country is loved by many people all across the world. The rich culture of the country attracts people towards itself and hence here are some of the celebrities who are among such people.

Miley Cyrus

The international Hollywood pop star, singer, and actor although appears very cool and funky from her personality, but the celebrity from inside actually a bit religious. The 26years old star worships Indian goddess Laxmi! Yes, an Indian goddess. The celebrity even performed Laxmi Puja at her home, where she offered fruits to the deity.

The star posted a picture of it on her official social media account with the caption “Puja” in the Hindi language.

Here is a glimpse of it!

miley cyrus celebrities 1

miley cyrus celebrities 2

Dynamo Magician

Steven Frayne, popularly known as Dynamo, a famous magician from England. The magician became popular from his youtube channel, where he posted his magic tricks. His TV show is also running currently. He recently visited India in 2014. He arrived in Mumbai and visited several holy places in India. The star also shot episodes of his TV show by performing street magic on the Indian streets. The magician also held a magic show in Mumbai. While is a trip, he also participated in Holi celebration and celebrated the festival of colors with his fans in the city of Varanasi.

Here are some snaps of that day!

Dynamo Magician celebrities

Dynamo Magician celebrities 2

Brat Lee

The former Australian cricketer and a fast bowler of the Australian cricket team, who loves India and its culture. The cricketer’s love for India emerged when he played IPL in India, he recognized the beauty of the county. The star currently sits in the commentary box as a commentator at cricket matches and has also done an Indian movie in the past.

During the shooting of his movie named “UnIndian” which was a romantic comedy genre, which had a story of a foreigner falling in love with an Indian girl. The 37-year-old cricket and shot Holi scenes for his movie, after which the cricketer also played the festival of colors in the country.

Brat Lee Celebrities

Brat Lee Celebrities 2

Daniel Weber

An American and the handsome and dashing husband of very popular Indian actress as well as a former pornstar. Daniel was himself a pornstar and now he I an actor, guitarist and a business manager as well. The star now lives with her wife Sunny Leone in Mumbai, India and also celebrate most of the Indian Festivals and also follow the Indian rituals. Here are some of the pictures of him celebrating Indian festivals.

Daniel Weber Celebrities

Ayesha Dhawan

The wife of the Indian cricket team’s opener batsman Shikhar Dhawan. Ayesha Dhawan is a former boxer from England. Shikhar Dhawan is the second husband of Ayesha Dhawan and both of them have a son named “Zorawar”. From her first husband, Ayesha Dhawan has two daughters who now live with her along with their stepfather Shikhar Dhawan in India.

The former English boxer has turned purely into an Indian and celebrates all the Indian festivals. Yesterday she celebrated Diwali along with her family and posted a picture of it on her Instagram account.

Here are the pictures!

Ayesha Dhawan Celebrities

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