5 ways to reduce period pain at home

Period pain is a pain which cannot be ignored and lets you down at the time of your periods. But here are some methods by which you can kick off your period cramps and enjoy your period days, just as normal days and don’t let your periods put you down.


1.      Hot water bag

A hot water bag is very useful to reduce the period pain. Just fill it with some hot water, check whether the temperature is not too hot and is bearable. The temperature of the water should be such that it feels warm from outside the hot water bag. Place the water bag on your lower abdomen for about 20-30 minutes. You will get relief in an hour.


2.      Walking

The physical workout is not recommended during periods, but a mere walk will do much good. Sometimes, due to less blood loss than normal, period cramps occurs. So walking for half an hour leads to a normal flow of blood and reduces the pain.

period pain

3.      Tea


Tea and coffee are also a big NO during periods, but to reduce pain, a ginger tea is very helpful. It is good for health as well as being hot, it provides relief to the cramps and also provide energy to the body and prevents nausea.


4.      Banana

A banana if taken regularly, acts as an energy giving food. It does the same at the time of menstruation. Banana contains a high level of potassium which gives energy as well as reduces the pain. It is the fastest method to get relief from period cramps.


5.      Healthy Diet


A healthy diet including nuts, eggs, leafy vegetables provide energy to fight with the cramps and are a must during periods. Due to heavy blood loss body becomes weak and fatigued and on the top of it the period pain leads to more weakness in the body, so to fight with it a healthy appetite is a must.

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