6 Dry Skin Home Remedies to keep your Skin Moisturized

Winters are approaching and along with hot food, warm clothes, and cool wind, dry skin is also coming along with the season, which hindered everyone from enjoying the season. But here are some useful home remedies to take care of your dry skin during the winter season.


milk dry skin

Milk is a natural moisturizer for skin and t can also help in getting rid of the itchy skin. All you need to do is, add a tablespoon of milk with few drops of rose water and stir it well. Apply it all over your skin and let it soak for 8-10 minutes. After soaking, wash it with cold water. Repeat is daily once and you will notice a change in your skin type.




honey dry skin

Honey is another natural ingredient consisting anti-oxidants to cure your dry skin. Take a tablespoon of pure honey, mix it with two spoons of coconut oil and stir it well. Make sure the two ingredients are mixed properly and are consistent enough to apply over the skin. Apply the mixture on your skin and massage gently with it on your skin for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. Repeat it daily to enjoy moisturized skin.




Plain yogurt dry skinwhite yogurt could also be used to moisturize the dry skin combining with orange peel. All you need to do is take orange peel and place it in the sunlight and allow it to dry for some time. After the peel dries off, grate it into powder and then mix it in a cup full of plain yogurt. Apply it on your skin for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. This method could be used daily to void dry and itchy skin.



Coconut oil

coconut oil dry skin

Coconut oil alone is sufficient to cure the dry skin. It is mostly preferred in winters because using the only coconut oil can make your skin oily. Coconut oil can be used with castor oil. Mix both the oils in a bowl stir properly and then apply them on your skin (make sure both the oils are combined in equal ratios). Then apply on your skin, massage gently up to 10 minutes and rub with lukewarm water.




avocado dry skinTake a half ripe avocado fruit. Mix the pulp of half ripe avocado along with one tablespoon yogurt and one tablespoon honey. Mix the paste properly and apply and massage on your skin. Let the paste remain on your skin for 10 minutes after massage. Then wash it gently with water. Repeating it daily can give you a moisturized skin.



Aelo Vera

aloe vera dry skin

Aelo Vera is the best skin solution for any type of skin problems. It not only cure the dry skin but applying it daily can even tighten your skin and make it glow. All you need to do is take a leaf of Aelo Vera, cut it into half and apply the inside pulp on your skin. Massage with it gently.  After massaging, keep it for 10 minutes and wash. 



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