7 Weird Islands You Could Ever Wonder Of!

Island or a land in the middle of a water body seems to be the perfect destination for any tourist to visit. It is fascinating than any other tourist place and many of the islands are. But here are some the islands which you should strike off from your list if you are willing to plan an island trip!

Ilha Da Queimada Grande

Ilha Da Queimada Grande weird islands

Popularly known as “Snake Island” is situated in the Pacific Ocean at the coast of Brazil. The island is a home to snakes and only snake. There is no human existence on the island. It is a place where each and every variety of venomous snakes are present and in a large quantity. The island is restricted by the Brazilian navy and visitors are not allowed to enter the island. It is believed that while on the planet, a person is not more than 3 feets away from a snake!

The Isola La Gaiola Island

The Isola La Gaiola Island weird islands

A tiny island in Naples, Italy actually has a scary past. The minor island has a record of all the people living it dying either out of drowning or getting murdered! The island is not as cute as it appears in the picture! People of the nearby area also believed it to be cursed.

People are now scared to live on that piece of land, which appears really alluring.

Fort Boyard

fort bonyard weird islands

Located on the west coast of France and controlled and built by the French army, fort BOrnyad is an oval shaped building. It has been a site of shooting for many tv shows and movies. It was actually built as a fortification for the protection of Rochefort from the Royal Navy. Later it was converted into a prison.

Imagine a prison in the middle of the sea!

Now the fort is abandoned and is also believed to be a haunted place.


Okunoshima weird islands

Popularly known as the “Rabbit Island”, is a piece of land situated near Japan. The island as depicted from its nickname is full of rabbits. The cute rabbits are the attractions of many tourists. Weel, these rabbits are not normal!

The rabbits are abandoned on this island, as these all rabbits were used for chemical tests by the Japan Army and after the tests, they all are sent here to this place!

Hashima island

Hashima Island weird islands

It is an island situated just 15 kilometers away from the Nagasaki city in Japan. The island is a masterpiece of the japan’s developing technology and is famous for its abandoned concrete buildings. The island was famous for its dense human population, gradually after the obsolescence of its coal mine, the population started decreasing and the island remained abandoned.

The place is very scary and also believed to be haunted. The place was opened in 2009 for tourists.

Isla De Las Munecas

Isla De Las Munecas weird islands

Island of dolls, is also a nickname of this island. This place is situated near Mexico. It is famous as this island is covered with dolls. This is because once a crazy man did decorate the whole island with dolls in order to protect the place from the powers of demons and from other evil powers.

The place now seems very haunted as it is believed that the dols are possessed by the spirit of a girl which was found drowned and dead in a mysterious way!

Floating island

In Peru, the Uru island has been built by people living there in a lake named Titicaca. It is an island made by the people so that they could continue their fishing and also occupy and use the water.

It is an island made of wood and hay and people have built their huts upon it and it can be moved by connecting with boats.

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