8 Bollywood Stars Who Went From Fat To Fit!

Bollywood name and fame can make one do anything for it. Here are some celebrities who underwent a drastic transformation to make their space in the B-town!

Sonam Kapoor

sonam kapoor Bollywood star

Anil Kapoor’s daughter was not as beautiful as she is now in her earlier stage of life. She wasn’t even as stylish like today. The star weighed 86 kilograms before she was offered her first lead role in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie  “Saawariya” after which the actress lost weight and turned into a 57 kgs slim and sexy lady. She also flaunted her figure in a bikini in movies like “Khoobsurat” later in her career. The star now is one of the fashion icons of Bollywood.

Sonakshi Sinha

sonakshi sinha Bollywood star

Sonakshi Sinha, the daughter of a great star and politician, Shatrughan Sinha also before coming into the film industry weighed nearly 94 kgs. The star kid was then offered her first movie in the lead role with Salman Khan after which she lost her weight and with a balanced diet and precise exercise routine the star weighs only 60 kgs.

Even when the star entered the B-Town she was still not that fit, because of which she had to face a lot of criticism, but now the star has certainly gained a perfect figure

Kareena Kapoor

kareena kapoor Bollywood stars

Again being a star kid, Kareena had also entered the same industry. She was always a chubby little girl of the Kapoor family. Even after her entry into the film industry, her figure and weight were not perfect (which is now a must). She did many movies with such a figure, but then the star suddenly lost weight and turned into a zero figure hot lady for the movie “Tashan” in which she had to give a sexy bikini shot with a weight of 57 kgs.

Arjun Kapoor

arjun kapoor Bollywood stars

Arjun Kapoor, the son of famous Famous producer Boney Kapoor, always wanted to become an actor and enter in the Bollywood industry but instead of being talented, the star couldn’t do it before 2012. 2012 was the year of the release of the stars first movie. But before the movie, the star was not as fit and handsome as he is now. The handsome hunk weighed 140 kgs and had asthma!

To entered the film industry the star lost more than 50ks of weight, built up a fir and muscled body with a proper v-shape back and six-pack abs on the stomach. The star now weights 87 kgs with a transformed fit body.

Zaren Khan

Zareen Khan Bollywood star

The star who started her career from a movie with Salma Khan and received a lot of criticism for her very first movie because of her bulky figure, one weighed 100kgs! The star reduced a lot of weight before her first movie, but that was not enough to impress the viewers. The star is currently in headlines for loosing more 10kgs weight for her upcoming movie and has now turned sexier. Her sexy figure can be seen in movies like “Hate Story 3” and “Houseful 2”.

Alia Bhatt

alia bhatt Bollywood stars

Mahesh Bhatt’s sweet and chubby daughter was actually chubby and cute before her first movie “Student of the year”. The Starkid weighed 70 kgs before her entry in the B-town. The star reduced weight and with a weight of 54 kgs, the hot chic gave a bikini shot in her very first movie.

She later lost more weight and gave more bikini shots and flaunted her figure in the movie “Shandar” and various photo shoots. 

Jakky Bhangnani

jacky bhagnanu

The son of a producer Vashu Bhangnani, who made his debut in the year 2009 was also one of these. The star before his debut weighed 130 kgs. He always wanted to become an actor, but his weight was a hindrance. With the weight of 74 kgs, six-pack abs and as built up the muscled body, the dashing star now has a remarkable place in the Bollywood industry along within the hearts of his fans. 

Parineeti Chopra

pareeniti chopra

The star who won an award for her drastic weight loss now has a sexy figure and a weight of 58 kgs. The star right from her entry in the Bollywood had borne criticism for her excessive weight. Ater doing many movies, the star underwent this transformation to shut the mouth of all those who criticised her.

The star now has a fir and fab body which she flaunts everywhere.

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