9 Creepiest Ways by Which People Earn Money!

People on this planet have crossed limits in terms of earning money. Here are some of the weirdest ways by which people are earning money.

Communicate with dead pets

dead pet earn money

Like people communicate with dead people, in the similar way there are people who are expert in communicating with dead pets as well. It is believed that even the pets are willing to talk with their owners and can communicate if connected. People charge for this job up to about $125 for one attempt.

Lice removal job

lice removing earn money

Usually, in beauty salons, beauticians generally have tacky jobs. But removing louses from one’s hair is actually the creepiest of all! And they are paid the considerable and good amount in its return!

Getting paid for sleeping

sleeping earn money

A Hotel in Helsinki, Finland was hiring professionals for sleeping! Seriously. The hotel wanted to hire such individuals to test the comfort of their newly built rooms and wanted to know the level of comfort they can provide to their customers.

Well, most of us now will search such job!

Selling used panties

selling used panties earn money

Girls can sell their used panties on various websites. Some of the panties are sold in $30,000! And you won’t believe that the more stains a panty has, the costlier it will be!

Can’t believe? Even I can’t!

Watching porn

watching porn earn money

There is a company in Japan, which pays its employees $20,000 a month, just for searching new and different types of porn movies online. Such type of job is usually offered by porn making companies to explore about their competitors!

Selling face

face selling earn money

Two boys once to overcome their debt they rented out their facial space. After running a website over this for more than a year, they finally got a person who lent their facial space and they got money for it and paid off their debt!

Have a big face? Try this!

Armpits sniffer

armpit sniffer earn money

Usually, the deodorants and perfume companies hire people to smell the underarms of people before and after applying the deodorant of their respective brand. This is done in order to analyze the effect of deodorant and the effectiveness of its odor.

People are paid a pleasurable amount for such jobs!

Pet food tester

pet food tester earn money

Have you ever wondered what the food you feed to your pet is tested or not? Well, this will clear your dilemma! The dog food before packing is tested and tasted by a special tester who tastes the food made for animals!

And to bring t into your notice, I want to tell you that these testers are no one else but humans! They test the quality and analyze the taste of animal food!

Fart Sniffer

fart sniffer earn money

I know this one is actually the weirdest and tackiest of all! Smelling a fart is actually a worst nightmare. But there are people who get paid for this! And the reason behind such a job is actually advantageous!

This job is offered to experts and their work is to smell the fart and identify the internal condition and problems of the body of the person farting. This is actually done to avoid the surgical and technological methods to scan the internal problems of the human body.

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