Apple’s new Clean Energy Fund in China

Apple launches its new clean energy investment fund in China on 12th of June for connecting suppliers with renewable sources of energy. Initially, 10 suppliers will jointly invest $300 billion in clean energy fund in 4 coming years. These funds will be invested in establishing clean energy projects generating 1 gigawatt of renewable energy in China, which is enough to supply power to 1 million homes.



”At Apple, we are proud to join with companies that are stepping up to address the climate challenge,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. “We’re thrilled so many of our suppliers are participating in the fund and hope this model can be replicated globally to help businesses of all sizes make a significant positive impact on our planet.”

The China clean energy fund project will be managed by DWS Group, specialized in sustainable investments, which will also be investing in this clean energy fund.

Apple, with its suppliers, will be generating more than 4 gigawatts of clean energy from different countries by 2020.

Apple is best known for their Smartphones and Gadgets but apart from these, they are much aware of the environmental issues increasing on the planet. They claim that they are all upon the clean and renewable source of energy, means every facility worldwide is produced by renewable energy. They manufacture each element while considering humans and the planet’s safety. In addition to this, they also recycle their smartphones by disassembling it and keeps the part which can be used again without any harm. Even an individual can get their old device recycled for Apple store gift card if eligible or can be recycled for free.

Environment Apple
Though Apply is focusing on reducing greenhouse gases. Starting from 2015 Apple has invested in many projects directing towards society and making this earth a better place to live.
Eventually, Apple has a great focus on providing a cleaner form of energy worldwide which represents them as a socially responsible company

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