Best & useful Gadgets to buy from Amazon under ₹ 800

There are thousands of cool gadgets launching in the present world day by day, technology is upgrading with 1000x speed, people totally depends on technology now, whole world uses technology with no limits. So for a common man these are some of the cool gadgets which I think are useful in their daily life with its chilled out prices. So check these out:

  • RoboTouch Rideon Charger

Rideon charger

Robotouch Rideon charger is a Charger specially meant for bikes and 2 wheelers. And those who love to ride their bikes for a long journey like a road trip, this the perfect thing and most useful.

It is actually a charger which gets connected from your bike’s battery and installed on the handle bar of any bike from that you can charge your smart devices. Its installation is also pretty easy but you can go to any mechanic’s shop for its installation to avoid the mess.

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  • Bottle Cap Humidifier

Bottle humidifier

Bottle cap Humidifier is a device used for maintaining the humidity of your room. It is actually an electric bottle cap with cotton straw which gets fit on almost all types of bottles and it works by micro USB plug.
It’s another cool feature is, you can also use it as a room freshener by just pouring some regular perfume in the water and then putting this electric cap on.

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  • Rewy 8X Zoom Lens Telescope Universal Camera Lens

Telescopic 8x lens

This 8X telescopic lens is for those who love photography but can’t afford DSLR or expensive professional cameras. It comes with a clip holder and a telescopic lens. This lens gives you a mind-blowing zoom level without damaging the image quality. And also this universal lens easily gets fit on any smartphone either iPhone or a tablet or any other Android device. 

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  • Bluetooth GPS tracker

Bluetooth gps tracker

This small device is a little GPS tracker for your keys especially but can be used for other important things like for your wallet. This Bluetooth GPS tracker gives you a security feature in which if you are forgetting to pick up your keys from somewhere it will give you a notification for that. That’s cool. You can’t lose your keys if you have this thing with you. And the best thing is it comes under 300 rs.

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  • Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Personal Purifier Bottle

Aquguard personal purifier

This purifier looks like a normal water bottle but it is having an inbuilt purifier. This water bottle is from Aquaguard hence trustworthy in terms of water purity. The bottle contains a filter which is capable to filter 600 liters approx. And also it’s not so expensive as it comes under 600 rs. This bottle can be used by any person in your family but especially for those people who care a lot for hygiene and purity.  

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