Big Boss Contestants Escaped against the contract!

Here is the list of Big Boss Contestants who escaped in the middle of the show.

Navjot Singh Sidhu 

sidhu in big boss

Navjot Singh Sidhu a politician, former cricketer, comedian, and commentator appeared in Big Boss Season 6. He is one of the Big Boss Contestants who escaped. And he leaves the show in the middle of the season. Finally, he made a voluntary exit from the house, against the contact of Big Boss, according to which anyone could not go out without elimination.

Sidhu had to take such a step because of the election were on the head, and being a politician his presence was important. For such an exit he had to bear the repercussions for leaving the House in middle of the game.

Sameer Soni 

sameer soni in big boss

Sammer Soni, an actor was seen as a Big Boss contestants in season 4. Where he fell into a very dirty fight with a fellow contestant Dolly Bindra. Due to which his patience level broke down and he requested BigBoss to open the gate and let him go.

Despite the warning given by the Big Boss that he has to bear a good amount for making a voluntary exit from the house, he stood stubbornly on his decision. After that, he stops eating food and sits on the main gate of the house for the whole day. Hence for which his request gets acceptance.

Rahul Mahajan 

rahul mahajan bigg boss

Among the top four finalists of the Big Boss Season 4, the politician’s son along with the other four finalists escaped the big boss house, because of lack of food in the house. Although the team members somehow found and convinced them to come back in the show again.

The rest three agreed but, Rahul Mahajan left the show and didn’t come back.

Raja Chaudhry 

raja chaudhry in big boss

Raja Chaudhry, the very controversial contestant of Big Boss Season 4, who became famous outside the house because of his divorce with the television star Shweta Tiwari, and inside the house because of his ugly fight with fellow contestant Sambhavna Seth. He was also one of the finalists for that season along with Rahul Mahajan and was also the one among the four who ran away from the house because of lack of food.

Afterwards, he was convinced to return to the house.

Ashutosh Kaushik 

ashutsh in big boss

The winner of Season 4 was also among the four runners of that season. Though the handsome hunk wins the show because of his simplicity and our heart, he as well once ran away from the house and returned the same day.

Zulfi Syed 

zulfi syed in bigg boss

Zulfi Syed again in Big Boss 4 the fourth one among the four runners of the season. He was also the finalist, he was later convinced to return to the house.

Gauhar Khan

gauhar khan in big boss

The winner of Big Boss & was once escaped the house. Gauhar Khan took this step for her friend Khushal, who later became her boyfriend. Khushal gets into a physical fight with Andy, a fellow contestant and former friend of Gauhar. Khushal had hit Andy while trying to defend Gauhar, due to which Big Boss announced him to leave the house as punishment.

Gauhar left the house along with Khushal, for supporting him. After leaving the house, her team convinces her that she has to bear effect of breaking the contract, then she returned to the house, the very next day.

Vikas Gupta 

vikas gupta in big boss

Vikas Gupta, one of the Big Boss Contestants in season 11, which is still continuing, tried to escape the house in just the second week of the show. He fell into a fight with his friend Hina Khan and tried to escape. Later he returned to the house after having a discussion with the team of the show.

The contestant again in the 5th week tried to leave the house. He also told Big Boss that he is ready to pay the repercussion amount for breaking the contract. And this happened because he got fed up as a fellow contestant Shilpa Shinde irritated him.


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