Small Business Ideas that Can Give You Higher Returns

Starting up your own business is a really great choice which needs at least some small business ideas. And bringing something new in this world is the greatest. But this article is about the small business ideas which can yield higher returns. If you are here for some new business ideas, I appreciate your efforts and assure you that you will soon be having that kind of blog here on

Some small business ideas which can give you higher returns:


Business Ideas with Large Scale of Investment

large scale investment business ideas

1. Capital Investment

Investing money in different segments can be a great option for any individual as it possesses very high returns. But only when a knowledgeable person steps into it. But you must have known about these various segments like share market or commodity market and should have some experience in the field before putting a large amount here. So if you have enough knowledge about share market or keen to learn about it that Investing capital is one of of the greatest small business ideas.

2. Manufacturing FMCG

Manufacturing daily consumption products like eatables, clothes & shoes is also one of the most beneficial small business ideas to earn a high return, even very high. But for manufacturing a product and succeeding in that niche can only be possible if you have patience and your product is really worth to its cost or its taste. Though it’s not easy to start manufacturing any product, you need lots of expertise skills in commencing these kinds of business, but there are lot many organizations who will help you in doing so by charging a specific percentage of your investment as their service charge. You can Google it to find best organisation to help you in starting up our manufacturing unit.

3. Franchise of A Popular Brand

Owing a franchise of any popular brands will obviously a good choice if you have chosen right location or city. But always keep in mind before dreaming to own a franchise, these big brands like Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC etc. never give their franchise to the general public, they have their policies which generally ask a minimum worth of a person or a company must have to own their franchise. You can go for some small brand’s franchise for taking a start.

4. Real Estate

Real estate is one the trendiest business ideas. Yes, I just said real estate. For investing with lower budget you have to gather your friends and colleague and just contribute a portion of the money. And it will be sufficient for real estate. Usually, people love to invest in real estate nowadays because of its returns obviously but also as saving for their future. Recently real estate falls down because of the demonetization (in INDIA) but after some time, it’s now again growing up. But now just investing in real estate is beneficial also you can build your own building or apartments and sell them if you have enough time and money to invest. 


Business Ideas with Medium Scale Of Investment

medium scale investment business ideas

1. Trading

Trading in various commodities has their various issues and risks. But the most popular one is purchasing any product directly from producers and selling online. And this trick is actually succeeding. If you do not prefer online method, you can even sell it offline right from your home with the medium of WhatsApp. I know WhatsApp is an online medium too but come on we all use it, then why not for business. Send pictures of your products and ask them to pay cash as simple as that. Local shop (purchase/rent) can also be one of the alternative business ideas to selling online.

2. Import and Export Locally

If you wish to grow your trading business, you can increase your existing list of products and their quality by importing more premium quality product or by importing unique products which are not available in your city or town. Also, you can export stuff which your city produces with high potential to be accepted in other cities too. You can export it to dealers or wholesalers in other cities. But all these tricks need some time to set up and dealing with different clients can be too hectic and feels like giving up after facing rejection but if you will stick to your aim, you will definitely succeed.


Business Ideas with Small Scale of Investment

small scale investment business ideas

1. Sell Your Talent

This is not similar to above listed business ideas but you can make it commercial. Whatever skill set you have, just sell it. You don’t have enough money to invest, no worry, just make some contacts and sell your skill. I am not asking to do a job as an employee. For say a Doctor is not a business person nor an employee just like with tattoo artist. A Tattoo Artist, the Painter, making videos for YouTube, Blogging your passion etc.

2. Freelance

Freelancing can also be taken as selling your skills. But freelancing is usually done according to the requirements of the clients like graphic designing, web designing, software designing or digital promotions and make it your primary business. Freelancing requires promotion of your skills. Everyone should know that you do this kind of work and for doing so you can make your Facebook page for free and start promoting your services there or even you can make your own website if you have some investment for your business ideas

3. Sell Your Creativity

If you have extraordinary creativity you can do a lot more than you think. You can add up our creativity to any commodity and it will be sold out. Amazon and Flipkart like platforms are giving you an opportunity to sell your stuff. Even you can do that. Just purchase some clothes, shoes, purse, gift items or any product you see modifiable just buy it and sell online with your creative style added to that commodity. And when you grow up a little and start earning some currency than you can make your own website to sell your products without giving commissions to a middleman or agent like Amazon or Flipkart.


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