Celebrities’ Most Embarrassing Moments!!!

As we all are humans, we all do something really stupid in our lives and not just single time, we do many idiotic things again and again even after knowing about how stupid it was last time.

It’s a part of life, we all really enjoy doing such stupid things sometimes. But what, when these stupidities happened in front of whole audience or public? We all face embracement  at least once in our life, but these get viral when happened with these huge celebs in front of cameras.


Fergie piss embarrassing

In 2015 while performing with her Black Eyed Peas group she has not got an opportunity to use the washroom and unfortunately, she pissed off in her pants and makes her pants all wet. We can understand that everyone gets a kind of excitement while performing anything to a stage but this gone really awful. This is quite embarrassing but still, she continued to sing her song. 

Katy Perry

Katy Parry while performing at Latin Music Award shows, she jumped on a cake made up of fondant and then slips many times in its whipped cream. She was sliding awkwardly on the cream of the cake and crawlingly moved out from the creamy area. This was quite embarrassing for a celebrity but she took this event with fun and no one actually notices her stupidity.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera period Blood

While performing with full emotions at Etta James’ funeral she got her Period blood down to her legs and only a few people remember her by her voice on the day while others notice her glowing legs with red paint.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber vomits

While performing last night in Glendale, Arizona, Justin get into some type of sudden illness and pukes on the stage while he was performing a dance number and cheering the whole audience. Even though he is a star, that moment was really embarrassing for him. This incident got really popular in the whole world and takes place in the trendiest topic.

Katy Perry Nude Suit

Katy Perry Nude suit1

Katy Perry nude suit embarrassing

In 21012 at Much Music Video Awards, Katy came to perform on the stage with her nude suit and shows something really embarrassing. Here suit was looking like as she needs to clean herself before coming to the stage but her dress has its style that it was looking quite embarrassing with some of her body parts.

Note: These are just a part of awareness, what actually many of celebrities faces with their lives. They have to go through many embarrassing moments publicly and this article doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s emotions.

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