Celebrity Nudes : Celebrities Who Posed Naked For Their Career!

Bollywood is now no less than Hollywood, celebrity nudes are also one of the things followed by Bollywood too! Some of the Indian naked celebrities posed without clothes either for photo shoots or for movies, therefore, it gets out with celebrity nudes. Here are some of those top celebrities names!


Zeenath Aman – celebrity nudes

The 66-year-old actress who was actually famous for her revealing clothes in Hindi movies at the time of the 70s and 80s, when this was a very big deal. At such a time, when wearing revealing clothes used to be a concerning matter, she posed nude in the movie “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”, in which she played the role of a village girl. Not only this, she also wore transparent clothes revealing her bust area onscreen which as a result got her celebrity nudes got viral.

Here are some snaps from the movie!

zeenathaman naked celebrities

Parineeti Chopra – celebrity nudes

Parineeti Chopra, the one who used to be chubby at a time, but now is another super hot actress of Bollywood with a sexy figure. Well, the actress when was a bit new in this industry and was a budding star posed nude for Dabboo Ratnani’s 2014 calendar. Many other actresses posed as well. Here is a look at a picture from that photo shoot produces celebrity nudes.

pareeniti chopra naked celebrities

Alia Bhatt – celebrity nudes

The 24 year old most loved and innocent daughter of director Mahesh Bhatt, lags nowhere. With a bikini shot her first movie “Student Of The Year” in 2012, the actress changed her image from a cute little girl into a sexy, hot and bold lady when she posed nude just like celebrity nudes for Dabboo Ratnani’s 2014 calendar.

The star looked absolutely stunning like any other actress!

alia bhatt naked celebrities

Esha Gupta – celebrity nudes

The 32-year-old Bollywood star, who has been in the industry for a decade but has still not made a remarkable place for her in the industry. Well, the actress now has gone bold. Recently the actress posted her semi nudes and nude on her Instagram or we better called it celebrity nudes. For the same, she got slutty shamed. But the enthusiastic actress didn’t stop. Esha now shows her sexy figure with her bold avatar wearing strappy buckle dresses in award shows. She has also posed in a bikini for GQ magazine!

Here are some of those!

esha naked celebrities

Vidya Balan – celebrity nudes

The 38 years old actress who has given Bollywood, some of its most bold movies like “The Dirty Picture” and “Begam Jaan” has also posed naked on camera. The actress made her debut in the film industry with the movie “Parineeta”. With starring Saif Ali Khan in which she gave a nude shot with the star. The actress has also done several shoots with Dabbo Ratnani for which she posed without clothes.

Here’s a look!

vidya balan naked celebrities

Amir Khan – celebrity nudes

The Mr. Perfectionist of B-Town who has given blockbusters is also one on this list. The actor though has not been in such controversies much. But when it comes to his profession be it “Dangal” or “PK”, he can go till any limit. The 52-year-old actor did something like this for his movie released in the year 2014 named “PK” with Anushka Sharma as the leading costar. Amir played the role of an alien in the movie, and posed nude, right in the starting of the movie.

Well, we all have seen this poster of him.

amir khan naked celebrities

John Abraham – celebrity nudes

The handsome hunk of Bollywood, who never fails to impress his fans with his outstanding and dashing looks with a build up body in his every screenplay. The star also has given a nude pose in one of his movies. He posed nude in his move named “New York” in a scene where he was tortured by the cops.

He has also shot naked and semi naked for many photo shoots.

john abraham naked celebrities

Kareen Kapoor – celebrity nudes

The 37-year-old actress, Kareena Kapoor Pataudi, who has been in the industry for many years, also doesn’t lag. The mom, before tying the knot with Saif Ali Khan, did a movie with him named “Kurban” for which she shot nude poses. The poster, with nude Bebo of the movie, were published everywhere and also gained a lot of popularity, not because of her movie, but because of protest against publishing such poster.

Here Is that poster.

kareena kapoor naked celebrities

Bipasha Basu Maxim – celebrity nudes

The 38-year-old fitness freak has always shown us her hot avatar in her every movie. The actress whenever came onscreen has astonished her fans with her beautiful body. The star has done many intimate scenes in her movie. She has also done a nude photoshoot for the cover of “Maxim” magazine in the year 2011.

Have a look!

bipasha basu naked celebrities


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