PM Narendra Modi and the Changes Brought by him

 The Changes Brought by PM Narendra Modi

Since 2014, when Mr. Narendra Modi held the post of Prime Minister of India, change has become a constant thing! From some big steps like demonetization to GST, PM Narendra Modi has for sure changed the existing scenario of the country. It has both bad and good effects on the nation and its citizens. Here are some of such changes below.

Foreign Terms   

The international visits of Modi are not in vain. Modi’s every such visit has strengthened India’s relations with the other countries. Including USA, Japan, Bhutan, Nepal and few more. As a proof of this, all these countries have given a supporting statement for India, at the time the country was having a minor dispute with China.

Japan has financed India for the mega project of Bullet train at the very nominal interest rate. It has also improved India’s connections with the neighboring countries.

Foreign relation narendra modi

Economic Growth

Talking about the economic aspect, GDP is the first thing which strikes the mind. Well, although due to demonetization and GST the GDP has not raised much. But on an average, in the last three years, the GDP has risen over 7%.

Inflation is also on big relief after the Modi Government. There a decrease of over 6% in the rate of retail inflation calculated lastly in April 2017.

The rate of export has also increased. Prior 2017 it was poor, though after that it has increased to about 21%.

Make in India

Make in India is a campaign launch by the Modi government launch in September 2014. It is an initiative by the PM to encourage national and multinational companies to manufacture their products in India. Hence provide employment to the unemployed and to make India a manufacturing hub.

There has been tremendous growth in many sectors after the make in India campaign. It is in the automobile sector, food processing sector, renewable energy sector and much more are contributing in billions.

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Clean India Campaign

The clean India campaign is a plan with a budget of 1800 crore rupees. There are many advancements since the launch of this campaign. A total of 31 lakh toilets have been constructions in order to reduce open defecation In the country. A survey says that there is a 12% change in the attitude of the people towards the cleanliness of the country. The number of dustbins on the street is much higher now than before. Which altogether lead to the cleaner India. This is all due to the initiative by Narendra Modi.

Jan Dhan Yojna

This plan is a scheme by PM Narendra Modi in order to digitalize India. Its objective is to tie every Indian, basically in the rural sector with the banking system. Due to the launch of this scheme, more than 1 crore new bank accounts were opened by the citizens in just one week. The account holders have received many benefits due to these zero balance accounts, which include debit card facility, easy loan facilities, life insurance, mobile banking and many more.

Skill India Campaign

Skill India campaign is a campaign to encourage small entrepreneurs of the country and help them in their startup plans. This is an initiative by the PM to encourage the future of the country. Not only this, its objective is to shift the interest of people from job to their own business.

Bringing Black Money Back

Demonetisation is the biggest step taken to reduce and bring back the black money. Well, according to RBI 99% money has been taken back from after demonetization. Not only this, the extraction of a handsome amount of 2 lakh crore of black money is made by it. Well taking back black money is the biggest issue, which to some extent is done by demonetization.

brining black money back narendra modi

Infrastructural Development

After the Modi government has taken charge, there are several mega infrastructural projects. Improvising and modernizing the country is the main objective. It needs many projects like Bullet train project, Sagarmala project, Bharatmala project, Setubharatram project and many more. Hopefully, in few years, these will get complete to give India a new look.


The Goods and Service Tax is in action to standardize the system which varies from state to state.   Though people earlier had trouble with this, this actually has brought standardization in the tax system in India. Along with this, it has also reduced the illegal practiced adopted by people to save taxes to an extent.

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