The Most Controversial Moments of Miley Cyrus!!!

Miley Ray Cyrus is one of the most famous celebrity stars of America. She got her stardom as a child artist from the very famous Disney show “Hannah Montana”  started in 2006 after which she became a teen idol all over the world. The 25-year-old rockstar achieved stardom and fame at a very early stage of her life. The celebrity became more wild and controversial with her acts and stage performances with the growing age! Here are her some of the most talked about controversial moments.

Pole Dance

Miley pol dance

When the start was just 16 years old, her new single, named “Party in the USA” was released, on which she performed a Pole Dance at “TheTeen Choice Awards in 2009”. The performance was on a stripper’s pole which was attached on top of an ice cream cart! That was the star’s first biggest controversy!

Smoking Salvia

miley smoking salvia

On her 18th birthday bash, the star’s video was published in which the birthday girl was smoking Salvia live! Salvia is a herb, And the star was heard saying “I want more of that shit”  in the video. Which became headline afterward.

Insulted Salena

miley insulting salena

Miley, once brought a cardboard cutout of one of her Rival singing pop star and actor, Salena with her on her show just to throw the cutout into the audience! Before the same event, Miley also leaked one of her video in which the singer along with one of her friend is insulting her fellow Disney stars including Demi Lovato and Salena Gomez.

Dance with Rabin Thicke

miley Dancing with Rabin Thicke

In 2013, the “Younger Now” singer performed with Robin Thicke, at the MTV VMAs Awards, where she again hit the headlines of newspapers by performing sexual dance moves with his fellow singer!

Performing with a sex Toy

Miley sex toy

The celebrity on her Bangerz tour performed with a strapped naked dree which appeared topless. The star wore fake nipples and also strapping dildo which brought everyone out of doubt, that Miley could do anything!

Fan touching her intimate parts!

fans touching miley vigina

Miley is one of her stage shows, the 25-year-old allowed her fans to touch her vagina and butt when Miley was wearing a swimsuit jumpsuit while performing. The fans on the front row actually did! 

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