DIY Jeans hacks every girl should know!

Jeans or denim is actually very important part of every girls’ wardrobe. It is a part which highlights the upper body of the girls wearing a denim. But with some simple do it yourself hacks with the denim, you can also highlight and enhance the lower body as well.

 Here are some tricks which can change the life of your boring jeans.

Cut short your boring denim!

Take an old pair of your denim which you no longer wear. And its time to find a pair of scissors. Cut your denim of the length the shorts which you would like to wear. Ass some glitters, laces and creative patches and you are ready to flaunt n your all-new shorts. 

Here’s a video that might help you!

Loose Denim from Waist?

Many of us have a pair of jeans which don’t fir us from the waistline which stops us from wearing it. But don’t  worry girls, it can be fixed very easily. All you need to do is buy a piece of elastic. Cut it and measure it after starting on your waistline. Make sure you measure your waistline only from the back side of the waist. Stitch the measured elastic piece on the waist belt of your denim at the back side of it. Make sure you stitch the elastic after stretching on the backside of the waist belt of your denim and your loose jeans are not well fitted.

Here’s a helping video!

Tear Off Your Jeans!

Ripped or damage jeans are so much n the trends these days. but if you don’t have one, no issues, you can create one at your home. All you need to do is take a pair of old denim from your wardrobe. Put two parallel small cuts horizontally on your denim anywhere you like. After placing a horizontal cut take a plucker and pull out the vertical threads on the cloth suspended between the two parallel cuts. After all the vertical threads are plucked out, rub the area with a sandpaper and your ripped jeans are ready!

Here’s a helping video

Old plain Denim?

Many of us have our wardrobe filled with the boring old pairs of denim with boring plain colors which are no longer in trend. But they can be used with some simple DIY tricks and can give those boring jeans a totally new look. All you have to take is bleach liquid and spray it on the thigh area of your old denim. You can also make designs according to your wish with the bleaching liquid. But make sure you don’t apply too much of bleach as it can damage the cloth. After applying the liquid, let it dry for some time and then after it drys wash it with cold water and your plain jeans are now stylish.

Here’s a video!

Decorate your Denims!

You can also decorate the denim you no longer wear or are bored of.  Just buy some glittery stones, jewels and laced and stitch them alongside the front and back pockets of your denim. Also, you can decorate it with creative and colorful patches. Also, you can stitch pearls n a random distance from each other. The back pockets can be decorated by stitching a colorful cloth on both the back pockets and giving the denim a whole new makeover!

A video which can guide you!

So girls, what are you waiting for? Go grab your old denim!

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