How to dress according to our body type

Every girl has a unique body shape and size, which constitute to form a body type. The parts of the body containing more fat can also define what type it falls in. If dresses according to it, women can actually flaunt in any figure irrespective of her shape and size. By knowing your body shape you will be able to hide your extra fat and flaunt your curves by balancing the extra curvy part with the less curvy one. There are basically 5 types of the body in women.

Hourglass figure

Hour glass

An hourglass figure is the one where the upper and lower body is equally divided and measures the same from the bust area and the hip area. It is naturally considered just the perfect figure for which most of the women die to get one. But if not dressed up properly an hourglass figure can look miserably bad. So if you’re one of this kind keep these special points in mind while dressing.

  • Wear V shaped neckline, this will enhance your sharp edges and also match up with your high waistline.
  • Try to show your waistline, wear clothes slightly tight from your waistline so that it could make your waist visible.
  • Try wearing drape dresses or blouses.
  • Put on short jackets and crop tops.
  • Wear high waist denim, skirts to highlight the waists.
  •  Go for solid and dark colors with soft fabrics.

Triangle Figure

Triangle figure

This is a kind of shape in which the women have a bigger torso than the upper body i.e. the bust. As assumed by the name “Triangle” which is broader from the bottom and narrow on the upper part. This shape is also called “Pear” shapes. Women with such figure should keep in mind these following tricks while dressing. The most important is to balance the upper and lower part.

  • Wear broad necklines like a boat neck, off shoulders, one shoulders etc.
  • Put on scarfs, neck pieces, capes, dupattas balance with the lower torso.
  • Go for dresses and tops with details on the neck and shoulders.
  • Try puff shoulder sleeves and shoulder details.
  • Full sleeves are always the better option.
  • Try not to wear body hugging denim skirts.
  • Buy some Parallel denim or trousers.
  • Don’t  go for broad bottoms, like palazzo.

Inverted Triangle

Invert Triangle

As the name suggests, this kind of figured women has a bigger bust area as compared to their torso. And in such case, the lower half should be enhanced and highlighted to balance the big bust area. The following points should be kept in mind while dressing.

  • Avoid upper body detailing like shoulder details, neckline detail.
  • Keep upper body colors sober and subtle.
  • Try dark and solid colors on the upper body.
  • Prefer small neck line, like a scoop neck, would go very well.
  • Don’t prefer body hugging dresses or denim or skirts.
  • A-line dresses and skirts, parallel trousers, palazzo will look good and balance the figure.
  • Use bright color in the bottom wear.

Rectangle Shape


It is a shape of women which do not consist of any curves, rather they have same measurements from the upper to the lower body and the waistline is also not so clearly visible. So in such a figure, the shape has to be given to the figure by creating the illusion of curves.

  • Try wearing sweetheart necklines to create curves.
  • Go for more artistic neckline dresses and tops.
  • Scoop necks will go well with this figure.
  •  Long blazers and jackets teamed up with skinny denim will look fantastic.
  • Pleated and draped skirts will also enhance the figure.
  • Palazzos or parallel trousers will also go well.
  • Wear dresses that give volume to your upper or lower parts.

Oval Shaped 

Oval Shape

Such women have all their fat concentrated in their middle part of the body covering their stomach, waist and upper hip area.  These type of women are fat from the center body and usually have a bigger tummy. But if dressed properly the fat can be hidden and figure can be enhanced by following these tricks

  • Blazers with A-line skirts will go well with such a figure.
  • Wrap style dresses will help cover the belly fat.
  • A-line bottoms will also enhance the figure.
  • Empire waist dresses, skirts, and denim will cover the tummy and highlight the waist giving you a better look.

So girls, don’t worry about our figure now, just dress accordingly and you can look perfect!

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