UAV Flying in India Can Land You in Jail! Know Why?

The UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, people also know it as a drone. It is actually cannot fly freely on the streets and skies of the country India. So to all the technology freaks, before you land up in jail for flying a UAV you should know the rules. 

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Indian Law For UAV

Flying drones without prior approval or permission are illegal in India.

The law came into action on On October 7, 2014, by the DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation). According to it, the air traffic in India is very dense and flying a drone, which they call UAS (unnamed aircraft system) can result in a collision in the arrival traffic. This can also result in security issues.

According to this law, nongovernment agency, organization or an individual don’t have the permission to fly any UAS or UAV in the Indian civil Airspace. This is in action until any regulations apply.

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UAV selling

Buying drones in India is illegal, but selling one is not. Selling UAV outside the country in online mode is not a big deal, and isn’t even illegal. Though buying it is! Even the visitors from outside the country do not have the permit to bring UAV with them in the country. This is illegal and comes under prohibition by the Customs Act 1962 of the country. The Drone comes under the prohibited group of goods, which are illegal to enter or bring in the country. Even after purchasing it from an Indian seller.

Who can Fly it in India?

Well, again in 2016 a draft policy was launched in which certain conditions were mentioned for those who want to fly a drone. In the policy, four types of drones were mentioned which can be bought and fly to India. While permission before buying all these is required. Registration for buying drones is the next step. for this certain documents including address proof, permit from police are mandatory to submit.

Not only this, you need to seek permission from the ANS provider (Air Navigation Service). After that a security clearance for the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and also a permission from the landowner, above the land of who you want to fly your UAV.

At last, attaching a fireproof plate can only give you final permission to fly it.

No matter what purpose you use it for, you have to follow this procedure.


Punishment For Flying UAV Without Permission

In India, flying a drone without authorized permission is penalizing. It can penalize you with INR 1000, and an imprisonment of up to six months. The punishment is harsher for visitors from outside the country.

Current use of UAV in India

Currently, drones are too much in use in many places and by many people in India. Most organizations use it for commercial purposes like shooting films, or any events like weddings, concerts and cricket matches. Individuals still don’t prefer to buy it because of the lengthy procedure for buying.

Though drones are available at a very cheap price, still its use in India is not so common.

Think before even thinking of flying a Drone!

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