Dumb People Get Arrested For Dumbest Reasons!

Like I always say, the world is full of strange people, I mean dumb people and their strange activities. But I think the cops find these strange activities of people as a crime. Let’s know how weird could be a reason for a person to get arrested for.


For Collecting Rainwater

rain water arrested

No one can ever think that collecting rainwater could be a crime. A man in Oregon used to collect rainwater because he lived in an area prone to wildfires. Well, that is but natural! But for doing this Gary Harrington gets arrest for 30 days.

The man also tried to apply for permissions to do so, but it was denied by the state government.


For Not Deleting Facebook Account

not delete facebook arrested

Well, a drunk girl named Paula Asher once posted a status on her Facebook account “My dumb ass got DUI and hit a car”. She gets arrest for drinking and driving crime, as she herself admits that why I call them dumb people. The judge in the case orders her to delete her Facebook account, for posting such a status. But she refuses to do so. Hence she had to spend 2 days in jail for not deleting her facebook account!


For Making Friend on Facebook

A juror, in a Florida Auto Negligence Case, sent a friend request on facebook to a defendant! And the judge threw him out of his place as well as sent him to jail for three days for his stupidity!

That’s really insulting!


For Tweeting Rubbish

tweeting arrested

Liam Stacey a student has become famous for passing racist comments and posting similar stuff on his Twitter account. He has also criticized a footballer (who is black). The student claimes that his account was hacked and he was drunk but that was not the truth.

For doing this, the boy was thrown out of his university as well as sent to 56 days in jail and this is all because he is one of those dumb people.

I hope he got a lesson!


Texting During Class

texting in class arrested

Once a 14-year-old girl from Wisconsin was found texting in her math class at Wauwatosa High School. The young girl asking denied the fact that she has a phone, but her classmates confirmed that she did. The police arrested her and her parents had to pay a fine of $298 for her disorderly conduct in school and then she got bail.

She gets suspended from the school for a week.

Spitting on the ground

spitting arrested

A police officer finds a drunk man roaming around his neighborhood streets and spitting on the street. A police officer noticed it and stopped him. He arrests that guy and after searching the man’s pocket, tobacco comes out, for which the man pays a fine of $250.


Farting in Classroom

farting arrested

In 2008, a 12-year-old boy gets arrest for farting in his classroom. The school authority called for police as the boy became a nuisance for farting and passing foul smell n the class.

He pays a certain fine for comming out from jail.

How can someone control a fart? It’s so natural!



burping arrested

In 2010, a 13-year-old boy gets arrest for burping! Seriously. The boy was disturbing the class by doing this, so the teacher sent him outside the classroom for doing so, but the boy still continued laughing and burping, after which the school authorities called the police. The cops handcuffed the young boy and took him to the jail. He got bail on the same day, later his mother sued the teacher for accusing her son of senseless reasons.

Well, this was actually senseless!


Feeding the Homeless

feeding homeless arrested

Can anyone even think that feeding the poor can also be a crime! Well, it is. Arnold Abbot a 90-year-old man gets arrest for feeding the poor and homeless. He had done it previously and still did it again. He fed 100 hungry and poor people. And for doing so he pays a fine of $500 for being one of those dumb people and he has to go to jail for 60 days.

Social work, or crime? Confused?


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