Facebook Dating Feature – Meet Strangers

Facebook dating is a feature through which you can meet strangers or non-friends as a date. It makes facebook similar to tinder. It can be called as tinder for facebook. This feature was out in May 2018 but as a leak, now its confirmed as a feature and not a dedicated app which was a mystery till now.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating will allow you meeting non-friends from facebook. For which individual have to create a dating profile separately. Suggestions will be on the basis of preferences set by the individuals. Your dating profile won’t be visible to your friends who do not have dating profile. On the basis of your preferences, suggestions will be shown with basic information and some of the pictures. If both the partners are interested, a separate inbox will be their other than Messenger for chatting further. Initially, only text will be allowed for safety concerns.

Facebook Dating

Though, till the date, so many people have found out their partners for life through Facebook and got married. Still facebook as a dating app is a bit hard to digest? leave your opinions in the comment section below.

As Facebook’s data leak case drown facebooks’ image for trusting with data handling. Dating features require a lot of personal data to be used and stored on facebooks servers like pictures, chats and other personal data. Are people going to trust facebook again?

If Facebook has some great plans, Tinder might be in trouble. As Facebook has a huge community of socialite audience which makes it hard for Tinder to compete.

Facebook is working on many of the features like measures for spam, blocking and restrictions, privacy, etc. Initially, it is going to be launched only in the USA only for adults declared by the Law.

Let’s wait for its official launch. Please comment your opinion about all new Facebook Dating below.

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