Follow these steps and look up to 5 KGs slimmer!

Looking stylish is what every one of us wants. Men and women these days are over conscious about their looks in order to attract opposite sex as well as to look fascinating and outstanding are what everyone wants. Apparels are the best way to look fashionable and also a medium through which a person can portray his/her personality! Women usually are more possessive about their looks, attire, and accessories. Most of the women want to have a perfect figure but are still not able to get one. So if you have a little bulky body then here are some best ways which may help you look slimmer than you actually are.

Tuck your tummy!

tummy tukker

Most of the girls don’t have a toned belly, but no issues, get a tummy tucker, or body shaper, it will not only help you tone your tummy temporarily but if you wear it for a long time it will actually help your tummy get in shape. No matter what apparels you put on, it will always hide your extra fat and give your body look thinner!

Show your waistline

The waistline is the part of the body which is actually the slimmest. It is right below the breast and slightly above the stomach. So try to wear clothes which show your waistline. As it will make you look less bulky and also give your body an hourglass shape as it will balance the upper and lower body.

waist belt

Detail your Waist

If you are afraid to show off your waistline then don’t worry we have an alternative for you as well. Don’t expose your waistline but wear attire which focuses on your waistline and makes it the center of attraction of your body! Always wear a waist belt or wear dresses which have details on the waistline.

Avoid layering

People with bulky body mostly try to cover their body which ultimately hides their curves and makes them look more fat. So to look less fat you should avoid layering with shrugs, jackets, coats etc. instead show your curves to the world and let them know that you look sexy too!

Cloth layering

Don’t go for Body-cons!

Body con dresses don’t go well with bulky figures. Yes, it will show your curves, but it will also show the unwanted fat from your body. So try to avoid bodycon dresses, tops, jeans etc. 



Accessories in just the perfect way, because in terms of fashion, “less is more”! try not to make it over the top, but also make it enough to make you look stylish. Accessories also will make you look attractive along with grabbing away attention from your fat body.

Dress according to your body type

There are various body types, including hour glass shape, pear or apple or straight triangle, inverted triangle and rectangle. Hourglass being the perfect shape, people die to get an hourglass figure. Identify the various parts of your figure which consists extra fat and try to balance it with the other body half.

To know more about various body types and how to dress accordingly, stay tuned, Because our next blog is going to be on this topic!

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