Superstition in which Indians Believes!

Indian culture is one of the oldest one in the history of the world. And hence there are many cultural beliefs better call as superstition, which are constantly followed from that time till now. Some of them are logical but some of them totally depend on illogical reasons. But it is shocking to know that people still follow these. Here are some funny superstitions about the country and the reasons behind their believes.

Funniest superstition

Not crossing over a person lying

According to some people in India, when a person is lying either on the bed or on the floor, another person should not cross over the person lying, as it may stop the growth of the person.

How can anyone’s growth get restricted by the passing over of another person? Finding the reason weird? 

Eye twitching

Twitching is a fluctuating movement of the eye muscles. Well in India, when the left eye of a man twitches it brings good luck for him. While the right one brings bad luck. In the case of women, it is opposite, when the right eye twitches, it is a sign of good luck and the twitching of left one is a sign of bad luck. Stop believing in this Superstition, and start believing in your hard work.

No cleaning with broom when someone is sleeping in the room

When a person, basically children are sleeping in the room, it’s a myth not to clean the room with a broom, as doing so can affect the health of the sleeping ones.

Sorry, but get a mop please to clean the room!

Don’t Sneeze While Anyone is Leaving

If anyone is leaving the home, and at the same time any person sneezes, then these people consider it is as bad luck. Hence, it is believed that the purpose for which the member is going out will not be fulfilled. To avoid it, the person has to sit for a while, and if the person who sneezed earlier sneezes again for the second time, then the member can go out!

Freaked out? Yes, I know! if you live in India, then please think before sneezing.

Playing with Scissors

Well, this one is damn funny! According to Indians, it is a belief that if you play with scissors and cut nothing with it in your childhood, you will grow up to become an outspoken and a loose-tongued person, who do not have the manners of talking to people!

Damn, parents please hide the scissors in your house!

No eating from a vessel

If a person eats food directly from the serving vessel of the food and not from the plate or bowl, then the person, on his wedding day will have a heavy rainfall. Wow, what a belief.

So to all the bachelors, please eat from the plate!

3 is an Unlucky Number

3 is the unluckiest number according to Indian belief. God knows the reason behind it. In India, there is a saying “Teen Tigada Kaam Bigada” which means, taking 3 things will always destroy your work!

Many people if travel in a group of three, carry a stone along with them as a fourth person believing the saying!

Inverted Slippers Superstition

Well, if your slippers are upside down on the floor, then according to the Indian believes, you will soon have a fight with any of your loved one!

People in the country (who believe this) as soon s they see their slippers inverted turn it straight in order to avoid fights.

Playing With Fire

Well, the last one is the best one! If the children in the country play with fire, may it be matchboxes, lighters, candles or anything which has a fire, then it is said not to do so or they will pee in their beds at night while sleeping!

In conclusion, these all are just a matter of beliefs of different people. We all should focus on our hard work and not on these superstitions.


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