Which Goddesses are Worshiped Different Days During Navratri?


While the whole India is busy celebrating Navratri and playing dandiya, but do we actually know who do we worship during this nine days festival? Well, the festival is celebrated for nine days because of the nine avatars of goddess Durga. These are the following nine avatars of Goddess Durga!


As depicted by the name, which means daughter of the Himalayas, the mountain range. In Sanskrit, Shaila means mountain and Putri mean daughter which constitute the word “Sailaputri”. The goddess is worshiped on the first day of the nine days festival.


The unmarried form of goddess Parvati is worshiped as goddess Bhramacharini. The goddess is often represented as walking barefoot. The goddess is worshiped on the second day of the festival.

Devi Chandraghanta

This avatar of the goddess is worshiped on day three of the longest dancing festival. This goddess is considered as a warrior against the demons. The goddess grants her followers with grace to stay away from demons and ghost energies.


The goddess is worshiped on day four of the festive season. The goddess is considered as the creator of the universe. It is also believed that the goddess is also prayed to improve the health of her followers. The goddess rides on tigers.

Skanda Mata

The name of the goddess is derived from the name of the War King “Kartikeya”.  The goddess rides on a lion and is believed to have the powers of her son “Kartikeya”  that is the power of fighting in a war. This avatar is worshiped on day five of Navratri festival.

Devi Katyani

This form or avatar of the goddess rides on a lion and the goddess has four hands, and this avatar was originated to kill a specific demon. She is worshiped on day six.

Devi Kalaratri

This avatar originated when goddess Parvati removed her outer golden skin to kill demons, at that time this avatar of the goddess originated. This avatar of the goddess is also a warrior goddess. She is also known as the destroyer of demons. She is worshiped on day seven.


Mata Gauri is the goddess and popularly known as the wife of the creator of the universe who is Lord Shiva. The name is derived because of goddess parvati had a fair complexion. She is worshiped on the eighth day of the nine days festival.


The last day of Navratri which is also called as Navmi. The goddess named Siddhidatri is worshiped, who sits on a lotus flower and has four hands. The goddess is believed to grants everyone’s wishes. 

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