It’s Halloween time! Coolest Festival Ever!!

Halloween, the most interesting and loved festival by many people across the world, is approaching on 31st of October this year. The Christians at many places of the world celebrate this festival with many different activities. 

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Why Is It Celebrated?

Halloween, or the HallowsEve or All Hallows Eve is a festival celebrated as a dedication for those who have passed. The word “Hallow” means “Saints”. the name of the festival is derived from Scottish phrase “All Hallows Eve”

This festival is celebrated to honor and remember the one who has left the world like the saints, soldiers, elders, etc. 

Where Is it Celebrated?

The festival of the Dead is basically celebrated in the Western World. In Asia, the festival is celebrated in China, Japan, Philippines, and Singapore. In Europe Germany, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Poland, Switzerland celebrates the festival including England and Scotland in The UK. Australia and New Zealand are also on this list. Other than these places, the Whole US celebrates the festival including Canada, some parts of Dubai and the Dominican Republic.

How Is It Celebrated?

The day is celebrated by dressing in ghost costumes, visiting each other’s houses, watching horror movies, lightening candles at the graves of the people passed away, decorating houses in host themes, attending Halloween parties based on Ghost themes and visiting haunted attractions are the ways by which people have fun on this day.

Children on this day roam at night in ghost costumes and go to every house to ask for trick ad treat, which usually includes sweets and candies.

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Celebrities most wild Halloween Costumes Ever!

Here are some celebrities who went too much into the theme of Halloween and its celebration that they forgot they made a mistake by wearing those costumes.

Chris Brown, The American singer, and an actor dressed like a terrorist on the day of Halloween. The star posted its picture on his Instagram account, the pst is now deleted. Although in today’s scenario terrorist scare the people the most, but his costume went a bit controversial! While Heidi Klum, A model wore a Halloween costume representing a Hindu goddess. The model was later accused of disrespecting the Goddess and asked for an apology for it, which made her Halloween costume famously as well as controversial. Another star Paris Hilton In 2010, chose to wear American Indian Costume as her Halloween look, which made her hit the headlines and Calton Haynes, an actor dressed as the famous Rapper “Kanye West” on Halloween, insulting the rapper, for which he had to later apologize!

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