35 Homemade Christmas Decorations Ideas!

It is now the time for Christmas. Homemade Christmas Decorations is a perfect idea for the biggest festival of all time. So if you haven’t decorated your house yet don’t worry. Because this time you don’t have to spend a lot of money in celebrating the festival. Here are some of the easiest homemade Christmas decorations ideas ever. For which you will not need much money, but a much of homely items!


Christmas Tree from Plastic Bottle

Christmas tree from plastic bottles

All you need to do is, gather green colored plastic bottles. We all have many such bottles at homes, which are left to be thrown out but you can use them to create a Christmas tree. So collect them and remove their bottom. After doing it, place multiple cuts on the bottle vertically to just a few centimeters away from the cap of the bottle. Do likewise with about 10 – 20 bottles. Take a planter, fix a strong stick in it. And put all the cut bottles down the length of the stick. Make sure the bottles face upward that is the cap of the bottle is upward. Decorate it after placing it in the pot. Your homemade Christmas decorations are done.

Christmas Door Hangers from String Lights

The easiest way to make door hanger is this one. For this, first of all, you need to find a hanger from your wardrobe. A hanger which is flexible enough. Take the hanger, mold its shape to form a circle. Next tie around the LED light string around it and hang it on your door. And yes, don’t forget to connect it to the socket! Switch on the lights and your door will glow provided that electricity is available! Eh!

Santa Clause from a Shuttlecock

Christmas Decorations santa from shuttle cock

We all love Santas, especially the kids. But for making one, you have to steal something from your kids’ playing kit! You have to steal a shuttlecock. Not one, but at least 10! So after you gather them you have to get some red colored papers. Of course, to make a Santa you will need them, and a little bit of cotton. So, what you have to do is, place the shuttlecock upside down. With the feathers facing the ground. Cover the feathers with the red paper, leaving a little border of the white feathers at the bottom. Then, cut a small triangle shape of the red paper, fold it to make a cone and then stick it together. The hat of the Santa is ready! Apply some cotton to make Santa’s beard. Make the border of the hat with cotton and your homemade tiny Santa is ready!

Hang it everywhere in your house

Bottle Wall Hangings

Bottle wall hangings Christmas Decorations

The simplest way to make a beautiful wall hanging is, take an LED string light and place it in a glass bottle. Do the same with more bottles depending on your need. Connect it with electricity, and hang them wherever you want. Placing them outside your home at night will make it look more beautiful at the dark night.

Christmas Snowy Garden

Snowy garden Christmas Decorations

Want To decorate your garden and give it a winter look. But there is no snowfall at your place? Take some talcum powder and sprinkle it over the plant in your garden, and place a white sheet over the grass and your snowy garden is ready!

Decorating with Bottle Caps

Christmas Decorations with bottle caps

Bottle caps are really easy to find in everyone’s backyard. Find those caps and gather them. Take six caps at a time. Stick five caps with each other to form a circle. And stick the reaming one cap in the middle to give it the look of a flower. Attach a ribbon behind it to hang it. Make plenty of these. And your homemade Christmas decorations are done!

Lamp Decorations

Lamp Christmas Decorations

If you have lamps on the outer wall of your home, then we have an idea for that too! They could also get a Christmas ready look. Just collect some leaves and branches from your garden. Place them behind the lamp. Do this with every lamp. You can do this with lamps inside your house too.make sure you do it on the Christmas morning. And spray some water on the leaves so that it stays fresh. If you want to do it before few day of Christmas, then make sure you change the leaves every day.

Color coordination

Color your home with Christmas colors. So, change all the curtains, bedsheets, pillow covers, sofa covers, and every other cloth, which you can change. Replace all these clothes with red, white and green colors. In this case, it will give a perfect Christmas makeover to your house interior.

Santa Candles

Santa candles Christmas Decorations

We all have a white candle. Most of the people prefer white candles for Christmas decorations. But aren’t you bored with the basic white candles? Why don’t we give them a sparkly look for this Christmas? Just paint them half red from the bottom, place few colorful beads around them, and you are done. The boring white candles are now turned into Santa candles!

Christmas Tree from String Light

Christmas tree from string lights Christmas Decorations

To make a 2D Christmas tree on the wall, take a LED string light. Make sure its length is long. Stick it on the empty wall. Stick it in the shape of a Christmas tree. And attach it to the socket. Put the lights off and the string light on! Consequently, your homemade Christmas decorations are done!

Table lamps from paper

Christmas Decorations table lamps

Decorate your table in the easiest way. Firstly, Take a white paper. Make a cone of it. Cut few holes in the cone. You can make the holes randomly anywhere. Place an LED candle beneath it. Light it up, and put the lights off. And your table lamp is ready. Make sure you don’t place a real candle below it, as it can burn the paper. Similarly, make multiple of such cones and place them everywhere. Light up your house.

Snowman from Bottle Caps

Snowman from bottle caps Christmas Decorations

Winters and snowman come hand In hand. So why leave them behind at Christmas? Here is an idea to make the cutest snowman ever. All you need to do is collect bottle caps that are white in color. After this, you need to collect some decorative materials. Draw a face on the caps, apply a pointed nose on the bottle cap just like those of snowman. Make its muffler with a striped ribbon. Make it caps with a small paper cone. Don’t forget to stick a ribbon behind to hang it. Your cute snowman is ready!

Candle Stand

The simplest candle stand can be made out of a wine glass. Just take a wine glass, place it upside down. Put the candle above it. To give it a more classy look, sprinkle some white powder (it could be any), to give it a snowy look. Also, you can place some tiny Christmas toys below the glass dome or some grass. Place it on your dinner table, and your Christmas table is ready.

Christmas Snowy Bulbs

Christmas Decorations snowy bulbs

Well if you have fused bulbs in waste then don’t worry, cuz we can use them too. Collect such bulbs. After this, collect some white sand. You can, in fact, color the normal sand into white. Or you can collect any kind of white powder. Open the bulb from the back and fill in the white powder inside it. Decorate the bulb from outside the way you want, and it is ready.

Decorative Balls

Christmas Decorations balls

To fill up your empty table, here is a simple idea. All you need to gather is balls. Take plenty of balls and decorate them the way you want. The most simple way is to dip the balls first in glue and then in glitters. You can also dip them in colorful beads instead of glitters. Try to color with red, green and white colors. Keep them all together in a basket.

Christmas Flower Vase

Christmas Decorations flower vase

To make such flower vase, you again need to gather bottle! Just gather some bottle, of any shape or size. After gathering them, paint all of them in white color. Draw anything creative on the bottle and your flower vase is ready. Either make some design on it or you can also stick a sticker on it. Put flowers on it and it’s done! Similarly, you can color more jars in red and green colors.

Glass Candle Stand

Christmas Decorations glass candle stand

To make this candle stand, you just have to find a simple glass and few leafs. And of course, candles to make a candle stand. Place the leafs inside the glass over the walls Facing outside. Place the candle in the glass and light it up! You simplest candle stand is Christmas ready.

Decorate Your Stairs

Christmas Decorations stairs

Decorate the railing of the staircase of your house. Get some leaves, Either original of artificial. Moreover, wrap those around the railing of the staircase. Then add some decorative items, and your beautiful Christmas staircases are ready. It is one of the simplest homemade Christmas decorations ideas!

Glittering Stars

Christmas Decorations Glittering stars

Well, Christmas is incomplete without stars. The best thing about Christmas is stars. Making it is also an easy task. Take a sheet of thermal, cut out stars from it. As many as you can, according to your need. Then paint the star with glue and dip them in a tray full of glitter. Make sure you do it on both the sides. As the stars move a lot. Hand these all over to your house, outside as well as inside.

Tiny Shiny Christmas Tree

Tiny shiny Christmas tree

To make a tiny Christmas tree, you will have to collect a chart sheet, shiny glittery lace, glue, and scissors. Yup, that’s all! Now that you have collected all this, make a cone out of the sheet. Make sure, the cone is flat from below and is able to stand on the floor upright. Then, wrap the glittery lace from the top corner of the cone to the bottom. Keep on sticking the lace with glue simultaneously. Cover the whole cone with the lace. You can make these in many sizes, depending upon your need. Place it on every corner, table, drawer, stool.

Socks String

Socks string Christmas decorations

Collect all your old socks. Please make sure they are washed and don’t stink! Eh! Now find a string to attach all the socks. Hang all the socks to the string facing downwards. Tie a ribbon of either green or red color on the stat side of all the socks. And hand it around your bonfire. Or either at the entrance of your house/ you can also hang it on the wall behind the bed of your kids. And secret;y put gifts inside them to surprise your children.

Star from Straws

Christmas Decorations stars from straws

To make these, you have to get straws. Straight straws I mention. After this, take at least 5 -8 straws at once. Tight the straws from between. Tie them as tight as you can until the straws spread apart taking a spherical shape. Then, chop the ends of the straws as they look uneven. Spray paint it with either silver or golden color. They are ready to hang. Either hang it in your house or on the Christmas tree. They will look as beautiful as any other star.

Christmas Tree from Spoons

Christmas tree from spoons

Well, this one is a bit tough. It is for the ones who are interesting in decorating and making such creative things. To start with you have to collect plastic or disposable spoons. They can be unused or used, which are eventually kept to be thrown. Break the spoons, detaching the holding part of the spoon from it. Now you have only the eating part of the spoon. Next, you have to make a cone from a sheet. Now start sticking the spoons on the cone from bottom to top. Make sure the concave part of the spoons faces outside. Stick the spoons so that the upper layer overlap the lower layer. To do so, you have to start sticking the spoons from the bottom line of the cone. After all this spray the unfinished tree with green color. The tree is now ready to be decorated.

Snowman from Paper Cup

Christmas Decorations snowman from paper

To make this, first of all, you have to gather paper cups. That too white colored paper cups. These are easily available everywhere. Then, place the cup upside down and make a smiling face on each of the cups. Stick or tie a ribbon of red or color on the bottom of the glass. Make a hole at the bottom of the glass, tie a ribbon there so that you can hang it. These cute Santa faces are ready to hang!

Christmas Tree from Napkin

Christmas Decorations tree from napkin

Not only your tables, but your cutlery should also be in Christmas theme. This is a unique idea to decorate your dinner plate. In order to make it you have to buy green colored napkins. So as to represent the Christmas tree. The tutorial to make a Christmas tree from it given below. Timing it up with a red colored plate will be great!

Christmas Decorations with Lollipops

Christmas Decorations with lollipops

I personally like this one as it is the simplest. All you need to do is but too many lollipops of every shape and size. But the colors should be Christmas colors. You can fix the lollipops in the garden just like plants which are large in size. The small lollipops can be hanged anywhere in the house, also on the Christmas tree.

Christmas Decorations Fake Gifts

fake gifts Christmas Decorations

Making fake gifts for Christmas is such an exciting idea. But is also an expensive deal. Here is an idea to make fake gifts. But remember, these are just for Christmas decorations and not for gifting. Please doesn’t gift it to anyone, or you’ll receive a lot of anger!  So to make these, you just have to wrap empty or waste boxes with newspapers. After doing so, wrap around the ribbon and your decorative gifts are ready. Hang them on the Christmas tree, on the plants in the garden, around the gates.

Colorful Light String

Christmas Decorations colorful light strings

If you don’t have colorful string lights, then don’t worry! Because you can make one! All you need is few bulbs and colorful threads. You can also take a light string. What you have to do is cover the bulbs with different colors of threads. One color for one bulb. Wrap the bulb, stick the thread with glue from top to bottom. Pack the bulb thoroughly with the thread. Light the bulbs and your colorful light string is ready. Hang it anywhere!

Christmas Cutlery Covers

cutlery covers Christmas Decorations

Let your dinner table also shine in Christmas colors. To make it more into the theme, uniquely you can make cutlery covers in the Christmas theme. You can make red and white colored covers for spoons and folks which are kept aside the plates. With white border and red base, it will surely give a perfect Santa look to your dinner table.

Candle Stand with Decorated Wine Glass

Christmas Decorations with wine glass

The simplest way to make a candle stand is by inverting a wine glass. To start with, invert the wine glass, place few colorful balls in the dome of the glass. Place the candle above the glass. As can be seen, your stand is ready!

Socks Animals


Pals, find your old socks which you no more used. To make this fill in the sock with rice or cotton or pieces of cloth in order to stuff it. Make a face or a reindeer, fox, wold or any other animal you like on a chart sheet. Attach it to the upper end of the sock. Attach a ribbon behind to hang it. And hang it over the bonfire or on the gate. Hence, your cute sock animals are ready.

Candle Stand from Cake Stand

candle stand from cake stand Christmas Decorations

Here is again an idea to make a candle stand. But this time with the cake stand. For this, you need to place two cake stands one above the other. Make sure both the stands are different in size, with one being smaller. If you don’t have a small cake stand, people usually don’t have it so you can use something else such as an ice cream bowl. Place the over one another and put colorful balls on both the layers. Put leafs, flowers, and glitters. Stars and light strings will also go. Place the candle on the top and your beautiful multilayer candle stand is ready. Certainly, this is one of the simplest ever homemade Christmas decorations ideas.

Decorative Jars

Christmas Decorations jars

Another homemade Christmas decorations idea is to decorate the basic mason jars. Decorate them with the Christmas theme. Take the jar and paint it with glue. After this, immediately sprinkle crystalized sugar on the jar. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar and decorate it with some tiny Christmas toys.

Santa from Wooden Logs

Christmas Decorations Santa from wood

If you have too much of waste wooden logs in your backyard, then don’t worry. Collect few logs and tie them together. We will use them as well to decorate your Christmas garden. Make the logs stand upright and cut each diagonally. Paint the diagonally cut face of the log as the face of a Santa and make a red hat and stick it on the top. One of the easiest homemade Christmas decorations item is ready.

Snowman from Waste Tyres

Christmas Decorations tyre snowman

If you have waste vehicle tyres collected in your backyard, then don’t worry. In short, are not waste yet! We are going to use them as well. Nothing will be left to be wasted this Christmas. Take the tyres and paint them, after all, it is a snowman. Definitely, it should be white in color. Next, place them one above other and keep the topmost tyre stand vertically. Cover the center hole of the tyre with a white cardboard. Paint the face of the snowman over it. To sum up tie around a muffler or scarf and your snowman is ready.

Here are some the simplest and finest homemade Christmas decorations ideas ready for you. This Christmas will surely not cost you much!

Merry Christmas
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