How to Promote Your Business for Free

Promotion with the internet and digital life on the boom, the promotion of any business has become way simpler than before, and also is now the most advantageous as it approaches a wide number of audience at the same time. Also, it saves time and also its easier to control if compared to the times when the internet didn’t exist.


Social media

The most popular and the cheapest medium for promoting any type of work is to make social media pages. Engages a large number of followers, which grabs their attention towards your business. This first helps in gaining recognition and then it also perceives customers. This also becomes a direct medium to connect to the customers. Hence the perception of the customers could be understood more clearly and the customers could also be contacted directly.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an another cheapest way for promoting and approaching a large number of audience. But this is done personally. Now many emailing websites provide the facility of bulk emailing and hence this could be useful. But only when you have a huge database for promotions. Collection can be done through offering them to subscribe to your free newsletters. Providing them a free eBook and asking their mail ids or putting up a contact form on your website. Space for feedback and comments will definitely collects data for your promotion.

Offline Self Promotion

Self Promotion can be done by promoting our business by talking and discussing it to every person you meet. Keep your visiting cards with you all the time. Distribute them to every person you meet, even to those you don’t know. Sometimes it might feel embarrassing but out of hundred people, you’ve given your cards to, at least ten will read your card. Hence your business may get recognized,  not only in the eyes of your known people but also in the eyes of strangers.
Its not just about business cards, you should talk about your business to every person you meet. Either your own friends or colleagues or a stranger whom you meet on bus stands or pan shops.

Search Engine Optimization

If you run a website for our business or your website is your only business then, search engine optimization is the best way to make your website popular. It is actually a process of making the website optimized for search engines in manner in which search engines can easily reach to the website. It may be done  through making the content of the website optimum and will appear on a large number of searches and will serve a large number of audience this way. And the best part is that this way the search engine will bring your website on the first page for free, if you do it in all the right manner. SEO also involve many small components like meta keywords and description, tags, categories, and also the ALT text of your image. These combinations if done properly, its definitely make your blog/website top in the search results.

Attending Workshops, clubbing, and parties

 Any function you attend you may represent yourself as a representative of your business. Attend workshops and meeting  delegates and authorities there of the corporate world will not only promote your website/business but will also gives you the knowledge  and your business a recognition among the elite class.

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