Hurricane Maria : A Category 5 Storm

Hurricane maria

Hurricane Maria is the strongest Hurricane and extremely dangerous category five storm which had hit and the Puerto Rico and Dominica in the history. Along with these places, The Dominican Republic and nearby Caribbean and nearby islands were also swamped by the Maria this year on September 20 with the wind speed of 160 meters per hour! The Maria’s high-speed winds lasted till 27th of September in some areas of the island.


It is reported to cause 65 deaths in total from the places including Dominico, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Puerto Rico, The United States Virgin Islands and the United States! There are no more casualties in the hurricane-stricken areas and people are now being rescued.

Damaged Cause

hurricane maria 2

Catastrophic damaged has been caused at many places hit by The Maria. The public, as well as private buildings, are damaged, hospitals and health care center are also not spared by The Maria. The water supply system, i.e. the water supply pipes are also damaged as a result of which the residents are not able to get running water and also the electricity is cut off and the system is damaged by The Maria! There was so intense damage caused in Dominica that there was a communication blackout at the place. It is estimated that the insured loss caused overall is up to $80 million!

Protective Measures

In Puerto Rico advance protective measures were taken before the Maria stricken it. 450 shelters were open on 18th of September for the general public to remain safe from the storm, where 2000 people had moved before the dangerous calamity hit. The schools and offices were dismissed. The Dominican Republic also activated the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters to cover the Hurricane. On 20th of September.


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More than 700 people have been rescued from the emergency support while about 1000 people are still left to receive help and get rescued. In Dominica, more than $19 million was collected as emergency funds.  In Puerto, Rico aircraft was supplying essential for the survival of those stuck. At the U.S. Virgin Island as well 11 flights were placed on duty to provide meals and water to the residents.

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