Illegal Business with Highest Earnings in India!

India is a land of much illegal business and abides many crimes over it. With widespread networks, this business also has a large turnover with a large amount of profit to the people indulged. Let’s know about some of these businesses running in the country.

Illegal Business of Drug Trade

Illegal business drug trade

Drugs like heroin, cocaine, opium and much more from many years have made their way in and out of India. This is a very vast market spread across the country. There have been 455% of the increase in the Indian drug trade from 2011 till 2013, which is a very drastic one. Punjab, the city of rivers, is still considered the Mafia in the drug business with the highest amount of drug consumption.

Since Punjab has a wider border share with Pakistan, there has been smuggling of drugs since the 80’s. Even after to strict laws against this crime in the country the trading generates up to  $2.2 – $4.5 billion which is equal to 10,000 – 20,000 crores in Indian currency.

Illegal Wildlife Trade

Illegal Business animal trade

With a magnificent range of flora and fauna, India is a country which comes to the position of the fourth largest country in terms of illegal wildlife trades. The continuously vanishing wildlife of the country, which is already endangered is sold for their fur and skins! Though the country has many rules and acts for the protection of their wildlife, still this illegal business behind the limelight generates up to $19 billion by the trade of the innocent creatures.

Illegal Organ Trade

Illegal business organ trade

Illegal organ trade in India includes the trade of human organs, in which most of the times it includes kidney with the highest demand. The poor people in India mostly sell their kidneys for getting off their debts. The traders buy these organs and then sell them at a higher price. In the country, If a person needs to transplant his kidney, he can easily get one from the illegal market at lower prices. The traders even extract kidneys of poor people forcefully and sell them in this illegal market.

The widespread rackets across the country are so big, one can never imagine, with a worth of about $600 million!

Illegal Business of Black Arms

Illegal business black arm trade

Selling and buying of illegal weapons is another huge and widespread illegal business running. That too from behind the eyes of the law in India. Its actually not behind or hidden from the law. Actually, the government employees are the ones supporting and eating up the profit. Hence, they favor the business to grow on the land of the country.

In India, Uttar Pradesh is the state possessing highest number of such arms. It has 47% of the total black arms of the country.  Though a strict check on every border for license arms is available, still these somehow escape from the eyes of the authorities. Therefore the business generates up to $1 Billion annually.

Illegal Human trafficking

Illegal business human traffic

Human trafficking, the cruelest act of mankind, also abides on the land of India. Jharkhand and West Bengal are some of the states where this rate is pretty high. Usually, human trafficking is active business for sexual exploitation of the of humans. Other purposes can be force marriages and bonded labors. There has been an increase of 30% in this industry since 2009, and accounts to generate up to $400 million annually!


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