Easy Ways to Improve Communication Skills

With the growing importance of corporate world, globalization and with the entry of MNCs in India, importance of  English communications gone up. Where India is still a country where only 10% of Indians can speak and understand the English language. Even after going into the corporate worlds, people aren’t fluent in their language and hence it leads to hesitation in speaking and it ultimately ends up in poor communication skills

 But that can be improved with just some practices followed daily.


Here are some practices which might help you in doing so!

·         Speak to Yourself!

Yes, you read it correctly, speaking to yourself in front of the mirror is actually a must do  thing for every person to enhance their personality. If you are weak in your communication skills, then this is going to boost up your confidence every single day. This practice if done in the morning could also improve the way your impression lands up on people. You can also make changes in your body language once you know how you look while talking to others. This is always helpful if done daily. Let people consider you fool, many wills, but this will actually bring a remarkable change in your lives.

·         Talk to many people

The solution of any problem could only be solved by facing it, so is with this problem. Communication skills are usually weak of those who interact less with people, or we can say that most introvert people face this problem. But this could be overcome by talking to more and more people. This will help you in many ways, as it first boosts up your confidence, second it makes you believe in yourself and third, it helps you to boost up your knowledge. So get up and talk!

·         Participate in group discussions.

Group discussions are the best way for brain storming the knowledge of each and bringing out the hidden talent of most people. Many people normally don’t open up, but when they think that they are being pinpointed for the point they kept, they suddenly burst up with a pool of knowledge to prove their point correct. Also, there are people who are unable to speak even in group discussions, but running from it will never help but facing it might! Participating in GDs will always help such people. In initial chances you might end up saying nothing but you have to stand still and try to speak. No matter in what language and if you continue this practice one day you will be able to keep your point and will also learn the best way to present your point in front of others in the required way.

·         Give presentations

The more you will come and confront the stage and audience, the more you will be able to overcome your problem. It will start with hesitation, pauses, breaks and might result in poor presentation, but facing people again and again will definitely increase your confidence and improve your skills as well.

·         Make English your first priority

When you talk to people or you talk to animals, or to yourself, make English your first language. When you talk to yourself in mirrors, talk in English, when you even think something in your mind, make sure you do that too in English only. Create all your thoughts in English and one day you will make it for yourself!

·         Speak up on stage

Take the courage and go on the stage as much as you can. Be your speaking skills be poor. Let your content be poor, but still take the courage as confronting it will always help you and u will also get to learn from other speakers as well.

·         Hangout out with the correct people

Our friend’s circle and their activities influence us a lot, and hence we need to be precise in deciding whom to hang out with. Hangout out with the people who are good in their English and are good communicators. Staying with them will give you a guidance and also encourage you to become like them.

These are some daily routine practices which can bring a drastic change in your personality with improving your communication skills.


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