India Republic Day – The National Festival!

The India Republic Day arrives each year on 26th of January. It is a national holiday for the country and its citizens. The whole country celebrates the day. Here is everything you should know about this special day of the country.

History of The India Republic Day

Well, almost all of us know the reason behind the celebration of the day. On this day in 1950, the country Constitution was adopted. It was the day when the constitution came into force. The day when India implied its rules and regulations framed by its own. The country was under British rule till 1949. It freed itself from Britishers on 15th August 1947. After which it framed its constitution and took approximately three years and five months. After which finally, on 26th January it was declared and adopted.

Only after this day, India’s first election took place. When Dr. Rajendra Prasad pledged and became the first president of independent India. After which the elections are running consecutively.

The Minds behind The India Republic Day

The day is important because of the constitution. As it was adopted on this day. But do we know who are the ones behind the Indian constitution? Which minds are responsible for the successful running of the country till now? Now we will know!

Dr. B R Ambedkar is actually the chief architect behind it. But not only him, many others have a contribution to it. It was submitted by Dr. Amedkar in 1946. Afer which amendments were done in it. The 308 members of the assembly were the ones to do this. After which it was finalized and adopted in 1950.

Celebration of The India Republic Day

Although it is a national holiday, citizens celebrate it all over the country. It is the day which brings the spirit of patriotism in the minds of each and every Indian. Hence, the celebration. People celebrate the day to honor the country. People celebrate the day at various places and in various styles. Here are some examples.

India Republic Day celebration at Rashtrapati Bhavan – New Delhi

The biggest celebration of the day is at this place. The president and Prime Minister of the country are also present for this celebration. It takes place outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan, i.e. the President’s house till the India Gate.

On this day people from different states Gather. These people dance and sing and represent their own states. Altogether representing the unity in diversity of India. The Indian army pays a tribute to the country by carrying on parades. they also perform stunts on army motorbikes. All these people perform in front of the president and the prime minister. people also carry parades and rallies

India Republic Day celebration at Educational Institutions

Well all over the country celebration is so in order to honor the country. It’s just that the ways of celebration are different. Educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities celebrate the day in their own way. The students perform on patriotic songs. They also prepare drama and acts in the honor of the country. They play and sing National Anthem. Hence, in this way, people at these places pay tribute to the country.

India Republic Day celebration at Offices

The employees at official places also celebrate this national festival. They gather and sing the national anthem of the country together. Hoist the Tricolor flag of the country. Some of them give speeches about the nation. This is their way of celebration.

69th India Republic Day

This year, that is 2018, India will be celebrating its 69th republic day! the country will celebrate successful 69 years of constitutional discipline. No matter what the place is, people celebrate it. The styles or ways of celebration is different although. What matters is the feeling which people have for their nation!

A Social Message on India Republic Day

Patriotism is an inner feeling. It is a feeling which every Indian has inside him. But this feeling is also becoming a trade these days. selling national flags, and related stuff has made this feeling enter the market. but this ultimately results in disrespect of the national flag. The national flag is respected on the Republic day and is thrown in the dustbin the other day.

It is a request to everyone please don’t buy our flags. And if you do so, then make sure you keep it with respect and don’t throw it. Act as a responsible citizen, don’t let anyone do so.

“The one who Picks up the national flag from the ground has more patriotic, than the one who hoists it.”

A Very Happy 69th Republic Day from the Team of Colors of Blog!

Jai Hind! 

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