Major Issues with INDIAN Economy for still being a developing Country

India is surely a fastest growing country. India has infinite quality people help in doing so. But Indian economy struggles to keep its position on top. There are many issues with Indians as well as Indian system. And these make our country more struggling with different situations and make Indian Economy struggle.

Here are some flaws, which needed to be filled up for making India strongest and developed country.

Issues with India










Brain Drain – hindering Indian Economy

In India people usually study so hard and achieve something in their life. But got settle in some abroad countries. Even we all have dreamed once in our life for foreign trips. We also thought for settling our self in foreign countries. This attitude of ours make Indian economy goes down. Countries with cleanliness everywhere, huge building, extremely great infrastructure, cool and broad mentality people all around and great environment. But what about our own nation. Why not to serve your talent for your own nation. And make your nation proud of you rather than serving for some other countries. Only we can make those luxuries and quality life happen in India. By working for our own nation we can help Indian economy to grow.

Corruption – hindering Indian Economy

Another serious issue is all about corruption. Corruption directly affects Economy of the country.  Many people fail to do some serious stuff in their lives. Because they can’t afford the bribe for making those task done usually with dealing with the government. But now India is kicking corruption out by digitalization ever task associated with government which also saves time and money.

Illiteracy – hindering Indian Economy

India still having approx. 25% Illiteracy rate which directly signifies that still, 25% of the people do not know to read and write. Which has to be reduced. Apart from illiteracy I personally feel, many people near me do not have any dream. And they can’t even think big for themselves. If a country having people with no dreams. Than how is it possible for a country to make every people of it to grow.

A Huge Population – hindering Indian Economy

We all know about the condition of India in terms of population. extremely huge. For this huge population, we need resources in proportionate with this population. But India has limited resources which are diminishing very rapidly as we use and waste those resources without any hesitation. And even those resources which India have is not equally distributed with all of the population. Which results in the backwardness of some areas.

Lack of Unity – hindering Indian Economy

As people living in America are Americans. People living in Japan are Japanese. People living in Canada are Canadian. But people living in India are not Indian. They are Maharashtrian, Hindu, Muslim, Bengali, Sikh, Marwari, Sindhi etc. This discrimination divides India into so many parts. That’s why we all fight for the sake of religion and caste. If this precious time and importance are given to solve economic problems rather than fighting within our nation. It will be much more productive.


Indian Government’s Website for getting information on Indian Economy.


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