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Reliance Jio is a revolution in the world of telecommunication. Especially in a country like India, which lags in digitalization, this telecom company has brought a drastic change in the lives of the people! Providing high-speed internet, with free voice calls, and many more facilities, at a price cheaper than all, this all actually happen only and only due to Jio! The sim has moved pillars in the industry by kicking out all the competitors out fro the market with its launch.


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Mukesh Ambani: The Mastermind Behind Jio

The 60-year-old business tycoon of India and also the richest person in the country from the last ten years constantly proved his worth of being one, with the launch of such a tremendous and revolutionary business idea. Mukesh Ambani has been in the telecommunication business since 2002 with the launch of Reliance Communication Ltd., which is the sixth largest operator in the telecommunication world, in India.

Lunch of Jio

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. was commercially launched on September 5, 2016, by Mukesh Ambani. It is an LTE mobile network operator in India and it is a subsidiary company of Reliance Industry. The sim launched by the name “Jio” provided 4G LTE services to the customers, with unlimited data and free voice callings for free up to 7 months of its launch. Before its commercial launch, Reliance industry beta launch its services for their employees

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Sales of Jio

As Jio’s services were free to use, is sales were on the boom. With the fastest acquiring network of customers, they had gained 16 million subscribers in just five months. This statistics is the highest in the world till now. It crossed 100 million subscribers in February, while in October, it had 130 million subscribers! Lastly, the owner of the industry revealed the sales of Jio in September with a loss of ₹ 271crore over a revenue of ₹6147 crores.

Protestors of Jio

With its launch in September 2016, they had many enemies in the market. All were the other competitors, who did not allow Jio network to use their network resources and agreement. These included companies like Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, and Vodafone. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) discussed upon this problem along with Jio and other existing networks and resolved it. After which Jio was allowed to use the resources of other networks as well.

Attracting Plans

They launched their initial plans for free with 4G speed unlimited data for three months along with free and unlimited voice calls. The network although continued to provide free service to its customers up to 7 months of its launch. After which a date April 15, 2017, was a deadline to et the “Jio Prime Membership”. After which various attracting plans of the network were launched. Starting from of ₹ 19 up to of ₹9999, all with 4G speed and free voice calls.

Affect on Customers

The biggest benefit to the customers is the cheap rates of the data services available to them. And the price is 5 paise per MB which is approximately 10 times lower than the other networks? The second is free voice calls. Any job customers never have to recharge for a voice call rather he gets it complimentary with the data pack. They had also launched an affordable 4G mobile for the customers, who do not own a 4G handset. Other benefits include the MY Jio App, which provides a wide range of services, including free Tv, music, videos etc. all in one app.


Affect on the Competitors

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Due to the launch of Jio, the third largest network of Idea Cellular went down in the Indian market. They lost their company’s value of about ₹4500 crores. A total of 7% drop was there n the revenue shares of the other competitors. And this is due to the entry of Jio in the market. With a deterioration of 6.48% decrease in the shares of Bharti Airtel, the largest network of the country.

Affect the Nation

Due to Jio, India is on 1st rank in the broadband network from all over the world. Even India defeat US and China! In the year 2017, India increases the availability of its 4G network from 71% to 81.6% i.e. 10% hike, which makes India come at 15th rank. Jio also got India ranked in the top 10 digital nations in the world.

Jio actually did wonders for the country and its citizens and proves themselves to not being a fraud!


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