Motivation is, What We All Need



Reading the word and depicting its meaning appears quite simple to understand. But the actual meaning of the word is beyond our understanding level. Most of us misunderstand the word. What is more dangerous is implying its misunderstood meaning in actual life!  So to live with it we first need to understand what motivation actually is?

What is It?

Understanding classical, it is derived from the word “motive” which means, the desire of anything. Most of us think that motivation is that desire which helps us keep going but it actually isn’t this! Motivation is the determination and not the desire which keeps you going on the path to achieve your desire. The determination which stays you awake till night to make you do your work and move ahead on your path towards your “desire”, the will which makes you work even on holidays so that you could achieve what you want is actually motivation.

Its types

It is of two types, forgetting every subtype. It is first, internal. Which comes from within the person. An internally motivated person does not need ant source of motivation and will not need any support, even if he has it. Such people have the feeling “Yes I will Do it!”, the person will not be satisfied until his/her goal is or desire is achieved! This type of motivation is found in very fewer people and most of us strive for the second type of motivation that is external motivation. 

It is the motivation which is not intrinsic, but this situation is rather generated from outside sourcing. We can call it outsourcing motivation. People who are not motivated from themselves. Such people tend to seek the support of other people, be it their family, their friends, or their boss or colleagues. But yes such people are to be taken care of as they can totally get away from their paths if they are not encouraged. Their loved ones are not able to encourage them, then seeking for motivational videos, attending motivating events and sessions will help a lot!

Motivation make things happen

How to stay motivated?

Well for many of us, staying motivated is not a big deal, but many people lose their motivation towards their goal which makes them as well as the people associated with them feel disheartened. But motivations can be brought into a person’s life.  Talking about the individual perspective, people can create short-term goals in their lives to stay motivated. Achieving these small goals will encourage them more to set and achieve the next one!

Support and belief of parents, family, spouse or any loved ones in a demotivated person will help the most and will give the person a ray of hope again but this time to prove the belief of their loved ones as these people play the most important role in everyone’s life.

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