Murder In Ryan International school!!!

Ryan International School is a well-established chain of schools all over India. At Gurgaon last week, in the school a 7 years old boy was murdered, the mystery of which still remains unsolved. The little boy was brutally killed, the suspect of which is accused to be a bus conductor of the same school.

  • The Actual Scenario

On Friday of the last week, Pradyuman Thakur, the victim of the case arrived on Friday morning with his father and sister at the school from the main gate, where the father left and his son (the victim) along with his sister went into the school building. His sister proceeded towards her classroom whereas the boy headed to the washroom. After all this happened, according to the CCTV footage of the school right after the child a bus conductor, Ashok Kumar entered the washroom, where I after what happened in the washroom was not recorded as there was no CCTV camera, but according to the camera footage of the lobby outside the washroom, Pradyuman came out dragging on the floor, bleeding. The conductor had escaped while this time.

The child was first spotted by the gardener of the school, after which other staff of the school arrived and took the child to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

Sexual assault case

  • After the incident

It is suspected that the conductor sexually assaulted the child and then slit his throat with a knife.

Before the police arrested the bus conductor, the family of the victim arrived the school premises and damaged the infrastructure of the school after which the suspect (Ashok Kumar) was arrested, but the father of the suspect gives a statement that he was dragged into this mater unwillingly and claims that the main culprit is someone else.

The case is not as simple as it appears, as the parents of the victim claim that the child might have been accused to have known to be a witness of dirty school politics, as a result of which he was killed!

The father of the little boy still claims that the interrogation process is being influenced in order to hide the actual culprit.

The mother of the child also says that she noticed the principle in a weird behavior at the hospital because f which she has a doubt on the school principal as well and asks for a CBI investigation for the solution of this case.

The Principle is suspended from the job and police has taken the school management in their custody as well as declared the school closed for the next three months.

The case still remains unsolved!

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