OPTIMISM, what it actually is?

What is it?

Popularly known as “positive thought” or being positive. But, do we actually know what “positive thought” is? How does it affect us?

Well, I think reading this article might help you find the answer!

It is the thoughts which help a person have a strong belief in himself. Gaining faith and confidence, not by external efforts by through the internal soul is actually what optimism is about. It is a thought process which makes us have faith in ourselves, our mind, our efforts, and powers. An optimist is a person who has such a thought process. It means having a positive attitude towards each and every task, including daily chores to the most important decisions of life. Positive thinking not only helps one in overcoming harsh situations, it also makes one strong and stronger to cope with them.

How does it work?How does it work?

The concepts do not mean neglecting the risks and uncertainties of life, rather it gives the strength and courage to face them. In every field be it your work life or personal life where it gives you the determination to keep going, it is actually supportive and to some extent, necessary for the further accomplishment a life every person desires of or be it your personal life, it is the major factor for leading a happy and healthy life.

For living a life free of tensions and joyfully people often find their peace and relief in materialistic stuff and some in non-materialistic things, this is because of perception, there’s nothing wrong in it, the definition happiness differs from person to person, but yes it should make you happy! The kind of life desired by every person may be different, but the approach to achieve it will always remain the same which is a positive approach.


Where to find it?

Positive vibes can come from anything, either materialistic or non-materialistic thing until the thing makes you happy. This might be a person. People should believe that each and every action in the world is conspiring and supporting them to achieve what they want in lives, so if seen from an optimistic’s eyes, that every little moment or action is a source of positive vibes. As the saying is, “whatever happens, happens for reason”, an optimist believes that the reason behind is always good!

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