Rare Animals About Whom You Might Not be Aware of

The Earth is full of wide range of flora and fauna, with some being very rare animals and plants. Some are getting extinct while some are very less in numbers from the beginning. Therefore, here we are going to inform you of some of the rarest animals found on this planet. Get ready to get some shock by knowing about them.


Geometric Turtle – Rare Animals

rarest animals geometric turtle

This is a species which is one of the critically endangered species of tortoise. Southwestern Cape of South Africa is the only place where we can find these tortoises. In This place as well, we can only find them in a very small area. In fact, we can identify them by a geometric yellow pattern on their strong back shell. The binomial name given to these rare animals is psammobats geometricus.

Roloway Monkey – Rare Animals

rarest animals roloway monkey

These are again the rarest species and West Africa’s tropical region is a place where these monkeys are found. This species is getting extinct due to the loss of their habitat and continuous hunting practices for their meat. Well, these look like money, just a bit different. They are white from their neck and upper chest. They have black and white fur on their whole body. We can identify these rare animals from their red and orangish patch on their back.

Cuban Greater Funnel Eared Bat – Rare Animals

rarest animals Cuban Greater Funnel Eared Bat

As the name suggests, these rare animals are bats. In contrast to their name, these bats with a set of funnel-shaped ears. Caves of Cuba is a place where these bats reside. The binomial name gives to these bats is natalus primus. Long tails, as well as the hair above lips just like a mustache, are the features of their identification. They were discovered in 1992 in a cave in Cuba.


Gooty Tarantula – Rare Animals

rarest animals Gooty Tarantula

These are a species of old tarantula spiders. And are the only spiders which are blue in color of these species. Deciduous forest in Andra Pradesh is the home of these spiders. The binomial name given to these is Poecilotheria Metallica. These spiders live in trees and they make asymmetric holes for themselves and then build webs in it.  People also call them peacock tarantula spider due to their blue color.

Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat – Rare Animals

rarest animals Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

These are one of the rarest animals present on the Earth. These are critically rare animals. Counted lastly in 2015 as they were just 230 in number. New South Whales, Victora, and Queensland are the native places of these animals. The binomial name given to these are Lasiorhinus Krefftii. Even though they are small in size with strong short legs they dig their own burrows to live.

Red Crested Tree Rat – Rare Animals

rarest animals Red Crested Tree Rat

These are also one of the rarest animals present on the Earth. These are just another rats but these are red in color. Its discovery was done in the year 1898 in Ocana, Columbia and these rare animals are present in the same location. The binomial name given to these is Santamartamys rufodorsalis. Afterall these are rats, therefore, are small in size measuring from 51 – 122 cms.

Giant Sengi – Rare Animals

rarest animals Giant Sengi

In general, people call them Elephant Shrew, these small creatures resemble its looks. You can find these mammals in Africa. These are named after elephants. This is due to their long-snouted nose looks like the trunk of elephants.  The small creature is one of the fastest mammals on the Earth. People also call them as jumping shrews. They measure from 10 – 30 cms in size.


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