Small & Unique features of Skoda’s first SUV – Kodiaq

Skoda to launch its first ever suv in India named “Škoda Kodiaq”. Its most awaited car by many of the Indians as it’s a tough for other competitors to face this luxury suv. After inclining 30% of its sales, Skoda first time jumps into suv segment and trying to make them self-work in suvs too.

Kodiaq is an amazing suv with excellent features loaded with the price it will be launching in India, and the price will be between 25-30 lakhs varying according to different models. Also they have both petrol and diesel variants which will be competing with other suvs in Indian market like Ford Endeavour, Toyota fortuner, Honda CVR, and even with X1 of BMW.

Small Unique Features of Škoda Kodiaq

  • Infotainment system

kodiaq Infotainment system

This luxury blast comes with a digital preloaded 8-inch infotainment system with features like navigation & gps, 360-degree parking camera, music player, driving mode selection (in AT) mirror link, android play and apple carplay connectivity and many more features.

  • Door protectors

skoda kodiaq door protecter

Kodiaq comes with rubberized door protectors, and they are even smarter as they get close when door’s get shut. So basically when car’s door gets open a rubber protector pops out to safe guard the edges of the door to prevent damaging the edges usually scratched with other vehicles while opening the door.

  • Pillow Head Holder

kodiaq Infotainment system

This is really cool thing ever seen, suvs are majorly used for long drives going with family and friends out of the city for some enjoyment. Usually people rests at the back seats if going for a long journey. So the pillow head holder will block your head from falling down from any sides with softness. That’s really cool.

  • Umbrella in doors

skoda kodiaq umbrella holder

Doors holding umbrella. This feature is most unique and also weird but helpful when we need it. Umbrella in the doors is meant to preventing car’s interior from getting wet. Raining outside will not leave any impact inside the car :P. Put your wet umbrellas in the holder specifically meant for that.

  • Magnetic flash light in trunk section (boot space)

skoda kodiaq Magnetic falshlight

A small magnetic flashlight kept in the trunk section for help in case some problem occurs with the car or its engine. Flash light is detachable and can be stick to any metal part because of its magnet.

Watch full overview of sKoda Kodiaq here:

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