Smartibot: The world’s first A.I. enabled cardboard robot

The world is ahead of ahead. People adopting new technology every day. One of the awesome creations by Ross Atkin Associates called as “Smartibot”.

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The world’s first A.I. enabled cardboard robot, is a robot which you can build yourself sitting at your home. Sounds cool?

Smartibot can be controlled with your smartphone by an app, which means your smartphone will be a remote controller for this robot.

It runs on a powerful A.I. and given a name YOLO by a team of four. YOLO can recognize objects like people, car, dogs. Even you can ask Smartibot to chase any of these objects.

This bot can be built by making the base of anything you like. Use a cardboard, a potato, or legos as its body. This bot comes with cardboard pieces of 3 custom robot designs, a basic one, a Unicorn, and a teabot which can deliver tea or juice glass.

You can do such amazing stuff with this robot without the knowledge of coding. Though they also give an option to customize the actions of your robot if you are a coder or love to code. Code any actions specifically you want for your robot to perform.

They give you a PDF to print for the outline for making cardboard robot body from your home. Even they have other ready-made designs available that you can look at on Kickstarter.

This robot can be built out of anything you want. Try your own custom robot body out of anything you like which you think can behold by this small machine. You can customize the toys of your kids by installing this piece of a machine into toys and make the toys smarter with this powerful A.I. which can follow objects without any control or instructions.

They also offer special edition robots for a limited period of time named Rainbow Unicorn, Gold A.I. Bot, Silver Teabot.

robot definition, robot videos, real robots, robots for kids, smartibot

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