Valmiki Jayanti – Something More to Know About

valmiki jayanti

Valmiki Jayanti every year is celebrated on the day of Sharad Purnima. It is celebrated in the name of the author or writer of epic Katha popularly known as “Ramayana” as Maharishi Valmiki is know for this. 

About Maharishi Valmiki

Maharishi Valmiki’s name is called out with the title of “Maharishi” because Valmiki was born in a Brahmin family which led him to become a Rishi. Valmiki is known for the creation or “Ramayan” in the whole country of India. He is also considered a form of Lord Brahma who was born in the “Treta Yug”. He is also known as “Tulsidas” the creator of “Ramcharitmanas” the Hindi version of Ramayana. There are two temples of Maharishi Valmiki in India at Chennai and Rajanahali

Reason for Celebration

According to the Hindu Calender, the Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Maharishi Valmiki in the month of “Ashvin” on the same day of Sharad Purnima that is the full moon day of the month. According to the English calendar, this will be on 5th October this year. Valmiki was a poet as well as a writer who wrote poems and Shlokas in many languages and gave the Hindu Mythology its biggest epic “Ramayana”.  The day of Valmiki Jayanti is also known as “Pragat Diwas”. 

valmiki jayanti

valmiki jayanti

How Do People Celebrate

Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated by the Hindu Devotees and followers of Maharishi. 

  • Many people celebrate it by carrying rallies and processions in his honor.
  • The devotees also offer various food as “Bhog” at the temple of Valmiki in Chennai which is considered as the biggest temple of the great poet.
  •  People also decorate the temple with flowers and lights as a form of celebration of the day.
  •  As the Maharishi wrote “Ramayana” hence on this day people also recite Ramayana in temples as a devotion to him.
  • People also do charity on this day by feeding the poors.

Unique Facts About Maharishi Valmiki

  • It is believed that the temple of the poet was built at the same spot where he rested after writing the epic “Ramayana”.
  • The biggest temple of Valmiki in Chennai is believed to be 1300 years old.
  • Before becoming a Rishi, Valmiki’s name was “Ratnagar”.
  • Valmiki is the first poet of Sanskrit Literature and is also known as “Aadi Kavi”.
  • It is also believed that before becoming a “Rishi” Valmiki used to be a dacoit.
  • When Valmiki was on his austerity, his body was eaten up by ants, still, he didn’t break his austerity. 

valmiki jayanti

Maharishi Valmiki and Ramayana

The original Ramayana was written by Maharishi Valmiki in 5th Century BCE. The epic consists of 7 “Kandas”, 24000 and “Shlokas”. The Ramayana was written in total 480002 words of Sanskrit Language. It is a story of a king of Ayodhya who is now considered a God in the Hindu mythology that is Lord Rama. The wife of Lord Rama was Kidnapped by Ravana and the story revolves around how Lord Rama rescued her wife Devi Sita through the war with Ravana. The epic is the reason why the biggest festival “Diwali” is celebrated in India. 

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