Stupid People Lost Their Jobs For Stupid Reasons

Well, as the saying is “The Boss is Always Right”, same does actually happen but not for stupid people. If the boss fires you, no matter how strange or hilarious or senseless reason it might be. You are fired!

Here are some of the most stupid reasons people get fired for!


For Being Too Sexy

dressing too sexy lost job

Melissa Nelson, a dental assistant who was working for 10 years in the same profession. Gets fired by her boss. And the actual reason behind this, that she look too sexy. Boss gave a reason for being too sexy, he couldn’t resist himself after looking at her. Nelson, who was a mother tries to sue her boss for her senseless termination, in turn, she gets no support from the court and was conclude that she actually is too sexy for the job. Stupid boss stupid people.

Later she realizes that she actually wear too tight and revealing clothes at her workplace.


For Repeating A Joke

repeating a joke lost job

John Preston, at his workplace, cracked one of a joke from the very famous TV show, Seinfeld. He instead of saying “Bless You” when anyone sneezed, said “You’re so good looking” to all his co-workers. This is a dialogue from the TV show. well, a female co-worker thought it was all for her and complained it as a sexual harassment case against John, and poor John had to lose his job!


For Winning

winning lost job

Micah Grimes, a basketball coach in The Convent School, in 2009 lost his job because he brought the victory of her team with a score of 100-0 from the opposing team. The team in opposition was a team who played for fighting diseases like dyslexia.

Covent School did not consider this score fair. Hence, they asked Grimes to apologize, which he denied, and hence lost his job!


For Saving the Boss’s Life

saving boss life lost job

Once a woman donates her kidney to her boss to save his life, gets fire. Well, the lady gets fire by the same boss because she donated her kidney for which took too long to recover from the operation. OMG, how stupid people can be.

I don’t get it whether it is inhuman or insensible!


For Applying Makeup

applying makeup lost job

In England, Francine Siddaway a hospital cleaner gets fire for applying Egyptian style makeup. She was working in the same place for the last 3 and a half year. Her boss believes that her makeup was offensive and not suitable for a place like a hospital. But at the time of her selection, she was wearing the same makeup.

I guess girls should think before applying makeup at their workplace!


For Giving Birth to a Baby

giving birth lost job

In a Mexican restaurant, the waitress has to maintain a perfect and slim figure to work. Abigail Shomo a waitress working there gets into because of her child. She got pregnant and then in order to work there, she gets a warning to abort her child or else she would lose her job. So she quit her job, until she delivers her baby, after that she again joins her job after gaining her slim figure.

The boss is always right, mind it, employee!


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