Supermoon Day : Everything To Know About This Day

Well, the next full moon day will not be normal, it will be Supermoon this time. Here is everything you people should know about the coming day of full moon or should rather call it the Supermoon day. I guarantee this will leave you guys amazed!

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What is Supermoon?

A supermoon or also known as the “cold moon”. It is a moon which appears on a full moon day and the moon is at the closest position to the Earth. Hence it appears much larger and brighter than usual. “Perigee” is the point on the orbit of the moon which is the closest point from the earth. This day moon usually appears 30% larger than the usual moon and 15% brighter than the moon on usual days



Originally the term Supermoon was brought into this world by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 and according to him on this day, the moon must be at a distance of 224641 miles from the Earth.

The last when it happened was in November 2016, when the moon was just 356509 km away from the earth. The moon was in 2016 the closest after 1948. 

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This year the Supermoon day is going to appear on the coming Sunday that is 3rd of December. Although the Supermoon already appeared three times this year prior the coming one. But every time it appeared in the new moon phase and hence was not visible. So logically this will be the first Supermoon appearing and visible of this year.

This year the moon will appear 7% larger and 16% brighter than the usual as estimated and predicted by the National Geographic. This time the moon will be 26500 km closer than the normal. People from Nothern Canada, China, Russia and Bangladesh can be witness this phenomenon.

Effects of Supermoon

With the natural phenomenon and brighter moon, there are some side effects which come parallel to it. There are many effects of the supermoon the ocean waves an result in high tides.

The effect of the sun as well as moon both effects the tides, but still it results in tides raised by just a few inches.

Though some of the natural disasters including the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. It is still considered a myth that this was caused due to the effect of Supermoon.

But no strong proof has been found which show any connectivity between the two events. It may have occurred due to mere coincidence and nothing else!

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When to view the Supermoon?

Well, this moon will be visible bigger and brighter in four main countries including Bangladesh, China, Russia and North Canad. We can also see this moon with our naked eyes. According to Arizona Professor Gultin Besal, the perfect timing to view the super-moon is at 3:45 a.m. on the morning of 4th December.

But checking the local time to view it is always the best option!


The beautiful and unique natural celestial phenomenon is going to occur this year shortly. When the night will be much brighter than ever, I don’t think anyone of us will want to miss it!

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