Ted Talks is now on Star Plus! Everything to Know About

Ted is an organization which organizes shows known as Ted Talks. It provides a platform to the people who are willing to come up and share ideas. The organization shares the video on this talks free online through their Android application “Ted”.

This is a media organization, formed in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks.

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Ted is a nonprofit organization. It is an organization which totally devotes itself to spread ideas. They believe in doing this work for free. Hence, they distribute these talks for free Online. The tagline of the organization is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. It gives a platform and believes that all the ideas, from the simplest to the most innovative one should reach to every individual.

Ted talks is not isolated with a specification in the ideas. It is open for each and every type of idea. On Ted Talks, you can find every type of talks on various ideas ranging from economic growth, business ideas, women empowerment and what not.

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Ted Talks India

Star Plus, the leading channel of the Indian television is the one to give this different and uniques show a supporting platform. The channel StarPlus runs with the slog, “Nayi Soch” and supports every such show with a new concept.

Through such a leading platform the Ted has now entered India. The first episode of this show named “Ted Talks India” premiered on 10th December 2017 that is yesterday. King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, hosts the show, who has already has been a part of many Ted talks shows earlier. The next episode will now be aired every Sunday from 7 pm to 8 pm.

All About First Show on StarPlus

In the very first episode premiered on 10th December, Ted talks invite six key speakers to the show. These are the following key speakers and their ideas.

Dr. Gautam Bhan

Dr. Gautam Bhan was the first speaker to speak on the show. He is a Human Settlement Expert ad a Researcher. He talked about the lives of people living in slums in India. Also, he emphasized the importance of the place where the poor lives. According to him, the place where people live should not be called “slums” and rather be called “Basti” which means an inhabitant, a livelihood, a place where people live.

Shubendru Sharma

Another key speaker of the show who is an engineer and an eco-entrepreneur. He came to share his idea of planting forests. Which he himself does in a reasonable budget, the person along with his team can plant a forest of up to 300 trees, which he has done in many countries of the world including India, Kenya, America etc.

Sneha Khanwalker

Yet another speaker was a music director. she took everyone present in the studio in an imaginary world of her musical zone. By placing imaginary instruments she was creating a beautiful rhythm by playing those invisible instruments.

ted talks manju kapoor

Manju Kapoor

A novelist was also invited as a key speaker in the first show. on her novel, a very famous Star plus the show is based, named “Ye Hai Mohabbat”. She spoke of the difference in the upbringing of a boy and a girl in India. Emphasising the need for adjustment in the lives of men, she empowered women. She also claimed that in making India a male dominant society, female are equally responsible.

Manu Prakash 

A scientist talked about science in our daily life. He talks about small spinning instrument through which blood can be tested along with various diseases in it. He also shares his idea of a microscope made out of paper cuttings, which is spread across the world to students. The paper microscope can challenge the highest definition microscopic lenses!

Anirudh Sharma

Innovator, who studied from Boston returned India to implement his idea. The Boston return had a very innovative idea to reduce and recycle pollution. He reused the polluted air to create ink. He left Boston and came to India to implement his Idea.

All the speakers were from totally different fields. But giving and spreading such ideas which we couldn’t have ever thought. This show is actually about thinking out of the box. Therefore the tagline is worth it!

Ideas Worth Spreading!

For Watching Ted Talks Star Plus 1st Episode click here 


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