Again a Terrorist Attack at Army Camp!

Terrorist Attack at Army 2

Jammu and Kashmir is a place in India which had always been in headlines due to its terrorist attacks and due to it riots and fights over its possession. Pakistan and Indian border meet over the place, due to which the enemies, that is the terrorist get a place to invade our country making it the most unsafe and unstable place of India. 

What Happened?

A similar incident happened today morning that is Tuesday, 3rd October 2017. Early morning around 4:30 a.m. at BSF camp with 182 battalions near Srinagar International Airport in Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir. Five invaders came across the border and invaded the camp and tried to attack and kill the Jawan of the force.

Damage Caused

No casualties were reported at the encounter site but the enemies were successful in injuring 3 BSF Jawans while confronting the soldiers in open firing. And also threw grenades at the camp. It was reported that the attackers were heavily armed. 

After effect

The injured soldiers were immediately taken to the hospitals while the area of the camp, as well as the nearby areas, were also sealed and taken under police protection. The camp was situated right on the border of the Srinagar International Airport, hence the airport has also been seized, all the flights have been canceled as well all the passengers, staff members and airport crew are not allowed to move anywhere. All the roads leading to the Airport were also blocked. The head officials of the police are present on the spot of attack and investigation is going on. And the airport is provided with high security. 

Culprit caught

Two among the group of five invaders were caught and shot dead by the BSF Jawans in confrontation against them. The two caught were believed to have entered into the administrative block of the camp. Out of this one was identified and the other one’s recognition is yet to be done.

A Pakistan based group claims the responsibility of the attack. The group is by the name  Jashn-e-Mohommad

Asian News International Reaction

The ANI has tweeted about the incident that occurred today morning. 

bsf attack ANI Tweet

bsf camp attack ANI tweet

Current Situation

The Director of the Srinagar International Airport Sharad Kumar says “We have resumed the operations, passengers now allowed towards the Airport.”

The incoming flights from Delhi will also probably land a few hours later. The working of the Airport has begun, while there is still a hold of militants over the BSF camp

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