Top 5 Best Fashion Designers From All Over The World

Here is a list of some of the leading fashion designers from all over the world. Here is a peek into their lives and journey from where they started till what they are today!

Calvin Klein logo

 Calvin Klien

Calvin Klein fashion designer

Born in a Jewish family, the 75-year-old designer is one of the top foremost fashion designers all over the world. The American designer completed his doctorate from Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Calvin Richard Klein launched his first company in 1968, five years before which he worked at designing in New York City shops.

The designer has a wide range of products under his name including clothes, perfumes, watches, and jewelry. The designer’s company has the initials of his name as the logo, that is “CK”. In fact, the old man holds the worth of $700 million.

Versace logo


Versace fashion designerDonatella Francesca Versace is a 62-year-old Italian fashion designer and the vice president of the Versace Group. The designer actually came into the limelight when her brother, who was already one of the established fashion designers launched a range of perfume dedicated to her and gave her her own label. The product range offered by Versace includes apparels, footwear, bags, accessories, home utility products, perfumes, and watches.

Well, the designer is more famous for her celebrity parties in Europe. And holds the worth of $200 million!

valentino garavani logo


valentino garavani fashion designerValentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, an Italian fashion designer is one the leading fashion designers in the world. The 85-year-old man is the founder and Valentino SpA brand and company. The designer has completed his studies in the same field from Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Paris. 1960, then he started his own fashion house in Rome, while he made his international debut in Florence 2 years post.

The designer took retirement in 2008, and his company is now run by Pierpaolo Piccioli as the creative director. The company offers a range of products including apparels, shoes, bags, accessories, and perfumes. The retired designer still holds the worth of $1.5 Billion!



Giorgio Armani logo


Giorgio Armani fashion designer

Giorgio Armani and Italian fashion designers are also one of these. He is the founder of “Armani” in the year 1975. Well, the history of the 83-year-old designer is not as assumed. He had his interest in the medical line, and after studying for it, he joined the army, where he worked in the army hospital, but soon he realized that this is not the right path for him and decided to choose another career path. Later after leaving this job, in 1957 he gets a job of a dresser in a departmental store in Milan, in 1960 he moved joined a company where he designed menswear, and his designs were too much in demand.

In 1973, he opened his own design office in Milan. His company offers products that include clothing lines, perfumes, underwear, swimwear, accessories. His company Armani SpA was founded in 1975, which has also launched a range of cosmetics and home furnishing products. The designer Giorgio Armani holds the worth of $7.8 Billion!

Chanel Logo


Chanel fashion designerGabriella Bornhour Coco Channel was one of the French fashion designers, who died at the age of 87 in 1971. She left the biggest brand under her name behind, after he demise. The founder of “Chanel”  brand and company learned to sew when she was just 6. In 1908, she installed her first shop in Paris. 

After the death of her husband, she opened her own boutique in Paris in 1910. Later in 1921, she opened fashion boutiques featuring her designs.She died out of ill health and age factor. She held the worth of $7.3 Billion!






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