Body Posture: What does It Reflects?

A human mind is to perform many actions. All the actions are controlled and directed by the brain in accordance with various situations taking place in a person’s life. Body postures can actually reflect a person’s state of mind and personality if observed properly.

Let’s know what can we understand about a person with the following postures.

body posture

Crossed Legs and Arms

If a person is sitting with crossed legs or arms or both, then the person is probably nervous about something. It also depicts that the person wants to live in his own nutshell and doesn’t want to open up. The people with less self-confidence usually tend to sit in a more closed way, hiding their body from the rest and try to minimize their size by folding body parts.

Straight sitting position

A person sitting straight reflects his/her confidence. The person sitting straight without folding any body parts, neither legs nor arms are depicted to be a self-assured person who can talk to people confidently, ready to face the world and take up new challenges.

Head tilted with eyes towards the communicator

People who keep their head tilted while listening is interpreted to be a keen listener who is interested in listening. Not denying the fact that people who don’t keep their head tilted can also be keen listeners, but if you find a person with a tilted head, be sure the person is interested in listening to you.


Shivering is the biggest sign of nervousness. Many people suffer with it before going on to the stage, before facing interviews and many more reasons could be there. At interviews, such postures can be harmful, and it might happen that because of this nervousness of yours, you might have to lose your chance.


Fidgeting is making any kind of continuous movement. Many people have a habit of fidgeting that is moving their legs, arms or anything. People also play with one or anything they have in their hands. Rubbing fingers against each other etc. could also be signs of fidgeting. This is also a sign of nervousness in a person which is reflected through fidgeting actions.

No Eye Contact

When a person is talking to another person and while talking he/she is blinking eyes too many times and is trying not to make an eye contact with the person he/she is talking to then the major probability is that the person is lying about something or is trying to hide something from the other person.

Voice Modulation

If a person’s voice’s volume is high, then the person is interested in talking and keep to know more about the topic. But if the person’s volume is low and is replying in short answers then the person is not interested in talking to another person.

Eye Movements

People have different kinds of eye movements. Some people’s eyes move around continuously are probably tend to judge other people and people staring a person from the head to toe may be considering the person inferior from himself.

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