Uses of Scarfs in Different Styles!!!

Scarfs are such an important part of a woman’s wardrobe! Every woman probably has more than one scarfs in their respective wardrobes! But yes does every girl knows how to use them in unique and different styles and in such a way that people get amazed to see a scarf could be worn in such an amazing way!

Here are some tricks to use scarfs in unique ways!

On The Neck!

scarfs 2

The simplest way of using the scarf is to wear it on the neck above the clothes and believe me doing this could make your simple looking outfit a unique look. But have you ever thought of wearing it below your clothes?

If you are wearing a deep neck outfit and are not willing to expose your cleavage and at the same time look stylish, then all you to do is get a bold printed scarf. Tie the scarf around your neck and tuck it inside your top and you are ready to go and flaunt.

The scrap will look like a cravat and give you a royal and stylish look at the same time. You can also pair it with a pair of long hanging earrings and a top bun!

On the head!

scarf 8

Can anyone think of wearing the scarf as a hairband? But let me tell you that you can! If you want a statement head accessory, then don’t search for it in the market, instead search your wardrobe for a rectangular shaped scarf.

First, tie your hair like you want to. Making a high bun, a low ponytail, a high ponytail, fishtails will go well along with a statement hairband. Make sure you don’t make any hairstyle above your forehead. Leave space there to tie the scarf.

In case of a high bun or ponytail, take the scarf, bring the two ends of the scarf from the back of your head below the bun or ponytail to the front of your skull above the forehead. Tie the two ends of the scarf there and make a big bow. Keep the bow in the centre or towards a side according to your wish and you are ready to go.

In case of a low ponytail or bun, take the two ends of the scarf from the front head towards the back and tie the ends of the scarf along with the bun, ponytail or fishtail. This way it acts as a hairband as well as highlights the hair along your ponytails.

As a cap!

scarfs 4

This is actually easy, but it is very helpful to hie your sticky and messy hair on your bad hair day! When you are not willing to work much on your hair and don’t wanna comb your hair, just take a square scarf, fold in half diagonally. It will take a triangle shape. Place the two ends of the triangle at the back side of your hair and tuck the third end side the two ends, and you are done!

Around the head

scarf 6

The scarf could also be used to cover your face and neck by wrapping it around. If done with a bold printed scarf and combined with stylish clothes, it can make you look fabulous, while if used of a woollen clothe it can help you protect your ears in winter!

As a top

Different shapes of the scarf can be shaped and to form different types of tops. Here is the explanation to use them accordingly!

Rectangle Scarf

scarfs 10

Just waist takes a long rectangle scarf. Place it along with your neck and let the ends suspend along the length of your thighs. Place a belt above the scarf to fix it from displacing from its place and you will look more stylish!

Square scarf

scarf 5

Take a square scarf and fold in half diagonally to make a triangle. Tie the two ends of the triangle behind your waist. Now split apart the one end left of the triangle. You will get two ends of the scarf and tie them behind your neck, and you get a halter neckline top!

As a Cape

Take a broad rectangular scarf and tie it in the front from bringing it from the back through your shoulder. You can take a warm cloth in winters which could help you to protect yourself from the cold as well as give you a stylish look.

You can also suspend it fro the shoulder in the front and then pin the two suspended front ends together to give a jacket look!

scarf 7

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