Some Weird Laws in places Across the World!

Weird Laws

To live in this world, we need to abide by the rules of the place we are living in. rules are generally in favor of the citizens, but there are some rules and which may blow your mind. Here are some of those.

Want an Interracial Marriage?

Well, Alabama in the United States is a state where interracial marriages were banned by law till 2000. And by that time it was the last place left in the world to follow such a law. But in the year 2000, this law was overturned and interracial marriages were allowed after that.

Are you a Woman Driver?

Saudi Arabia is still among the totally male dominating places of the world. And if you are women, then it’s sad to inform you that women are not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia. It has been this year that the women are now allowed to drive cars, but before this year this was against the law of the place.

Please Don’t Use Toilet After 10 p.m.!

In Switzerland, you are not allowed to flush the toilet after 10 p.m.! This is a Law there! I Mean, What logic do they have behind it?

What if a person is suffering from Diarrhea?

Are you Above 16 and in Love?

Well, if you live South Carolina, according to the law named “Mocked Proposal” which disallows anyone above the age of 16 years of age to propose anyone in lame. You can only propose a person if you mean it.  And it is punishable if you do so! 

I wonder, guys there don’t play the game Truth and Dare?

Law For Sex Position!

In Massachusetts, a U.S. State in New England has some specific law for having sex! According to the law of the place, if you are women, then it is illegal for you to remain on top position or on the top of a man while having sex!

I mean Seriously?? 

Stuck in a Marriage?

Well in Philippine and Vatican, divorce is still illegal. These is the only two places left in the world to deny divorce. People there probably need to think a lot before marrying someone!

Love Pranking People?

Well, we all must have pranked people with the very basic and common prank of attaching a note with thread and then pulling it as people get down to pick it. But doing this is actually a crime in Pennsylvania,  a state in U.S.! and you could be punished for it! 

Don’t you dare to forget Your Wife’s Birthday!

Most of the men forget the very special day in their wife’s lives which is their birthday. But if you live in Samoa, an island in Polynesia then it could probably result in a punishment for you by the law. Because at this place it illegal by law to forget the birthday of your wife.

Husbands better be aware!

Love Sky Diving? Please Abide by these few rules

If you live in Florida and you are a divorced or widow women, then you are not allowed to skydive on Sunday at the time of afternoon! This is the law and the victim could be punished for attempting to do break it!

Love to Smile? Milan is a place for you!

Well, Milan in Italy has a law that the citizens there have to smile all the time. And if you don’t do so you will be penalized! The law is exempted in hospitals and funerals!

Weird! Isn’t It?

Not available at Own Wedding?

Montana, in the United States, is a state where proxy marriages are allowed and considered valid according to the law. This means if a bride or groom is not available for their wedding then another person can enact at their place and the marriage will be considered valid. This rule is especially for the people working in the military who cant spare time for their wedding. Both the bride and groom could be absent while the wedding could take place with enacting bride and groom on their places.

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