Weirdest Insurances people have ever taken!

People now days are so over conscious about their belongings as well as themselves. And taking Insurance policies is one of the best ways to protect the things or you love. Insurances are now actually easily available of any kind and are now also available at affordable premiums. Hence, its demand is increasing and people have crossed levels in taking insurances about things we can’t even imagine of!

  • Crossed Eyes

Crossing eyes

One of a very famous comedian and silent movie actor names Ben Turpin took a policy for his crosses eyes! Yes, you read it correctly. He used to think that his main talent and the reason of his success was his power of crossing his eyes, so he took a policy to protect his crossing eyes so that he could claim if his eyes stopped crossing.

  • For Death by Laughing

A comedy group was so damn funny and confident on their ability to make the audience laugh that when they went to present their show in Lloyd’s of London and it is known that before they went there to present their show, they requested the people of London to take a policy for death by laughter! And the surprising part is that actually, one person amongst the audience dies in their show because of laughing hard!

Death by laugh

  • Scared of Ghosts!


People usually haunted by ghosts take such insurances. Once a man was haunted by a ghost in a bar, after which he took a policy as a protection from ghost for himself as well as other employees working in that bar.

  • Multiple taste buds

A taster named Gennaro Pelliccia in 2009 insured his taste buds in worth $14 million! He claimed that he had 14 taste buds that are more than any other normal people!

Taste buds

  • Facial hair

Facial hairs

Men are really obsessed about their looks especially their facial hair. It feels nice to look handsome and maintain it always and hence following the statement, a cricketer, Merv Hughes took a policy for his mustache worth $7000,000! Can a mustache ever cost so much?

  • Pretty Fingers!

A famous Pakistani singer and pianist named Adnan Sami have taken protection policy for his fingers as he is very well known and talented pianist.

Pianist finger

  • Seriously? Cigar?

Largest Cigar

A cigar made from 15,000 tobaccos. Yes! It holds a record of the largest cigar in the world. And if it in the book of world records then how could it not be insured!

  • Chest hair

Men are conscious about their look, but this much? An American singer thought his most fascinating quality is his hairy chest and thus, he purchased a policy to protect his chest hair. The singer was Tom Jones.

Chest hair

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